Superior Quality Antenna Installation From Sydney Antennas


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For viewing better quality picture in your television antenna installation is very important. Sydeny antennas provide top quality antenna instation services. For more details visit:


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Sydney Antennas :

S ydney A ntennas e ssential F or B etter q uality V iewing

About us:

A bout u s We operates all throughout the Sydney Area, Providing high quality services. Offer onsite quotes. Experienced technical staff. Up to date with technology.

types of antennas:

t ypes o f a ntennas Wired antennas Micro strip antennas Aperture antennas Traveling wave antennas Log-periodic antennas Dish antennas


Services Network Installation. Telephone Line Installation. T V Wall Mounting.

Network Installation :

N etwork I nstallation Extensive knowledge in network field. G ive right advice on equipment . C onfigure all your networking points, for a secure, reliable connection.

Telephone Line Installation :

T elephone L ine I nstallation Quality telephone line installation. Re-locate your ADSL modem to the office, for quicker internet. Connect your FAX in the office.

TV Wall Mounting :

TV W all Mounting TV wall mounting has become very popular , due to the advanced designs and technology . We offer professional installation of TVs to any types of walls. R ight mounting equipment just for TV.

Contact Us:

C ontact U s Telephone : 1300 200 160 Fax : 1300 768 221 Email : [email protected] Website : http ://