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The Environment Agency and our role with the South West Observatory:

The Environment Agency and our role with the South West Observatory Name: Claire Broderick Job title: Evidence Team Leader, South West Region Date: 14 th July 2011

What we do:

What we do We act to reduce climate change and its consequences. We reduce the risk of flooding and its consequences. We protect and improve air, land and water quality. We ensure there is sufficient water for people, businesses and the environment. We work with and regulate businesses to reduce their impacts on people and the environment.

How we do things:

How we do things We focus on outcomes not processes. What we do must be underpinned by compelling evidence. Informing decision makers and driving environmental outcomes by: informing challenging shaping prioritising

Our role in the Observatory:

Our role in the Observatory We lead the Environment Module. Our Evidence colleagues provide analysis of key environmental data and statistics. Our aim is to make available key data at relevant geographical boundaries. We strive to present local key data in a useful, searchable media. We provide the Environment theme topics for the State of the South West reports.

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