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Health checkup packages in Bangalore provides full body checkup under one roof. Chronic diseases can be treated if diagnosed in time. So make sure to go for a full body checkup for healthy living. Click Here:


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How To Maintain Your Body with Full Body Check-Up m

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“Health is wealth’’ a very famous proverb that depicts the utmost importance of good health. Most people visit a doctor when they are facing some sort of problem or suffering from some chronic ailment. There are only a few people who see a doctor for a routine checkup or full body checkup in order to keep their health on top order. Most of us stake our health for other minimal reasons and pay a hefty amount to cure the negligence. A complete body check-up is a browse of the absolute body including kidney heart and lung to appraise the health condition.

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It includes urine tests Electrocardiography ECG stool tests X-rays Dental checkups claret tests and scans based on gender and age. The aim of a complete body checkup is annihilation but an appraisal of the whole body and its functioning. Preventive health checkup helps to analyze the ache at an aboriginal stage a lot of of which can be advised timely. There are abounding diseases which don’t appearance any evidence but can be life-threatening.

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How to maintain good health by full body checkup Maintaining good health is not at all a tough job nowadays. By investing some time and money you can attain a healthy body. Here are a few tips that will help you in achieving a healthy body. Annual health checkups: Annual health checkups are yearly routine full body checkups. It is done by your physician to assess the general health of your body.

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Body checkups are important in preventing chronic health problems. An annual Full Body Checkup is a accepted annual appointment to your doctor to appraise your accepted health. It is an important footfall in preventing bigger health issues. Your doctor can appraise your accompaniment of wellbeing and analyze any abeyant problems that may be in their alpha stages. With approved check-ups the doctor can analyze these problems and advance actual analysis based on the individual’s condition. Some diseases can be actual attenuate and may not appearance their signs or affection until they ability the next level. It comprises of few tests that help in evaluating your state of well being-

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CBC: Complete Blood Count is a simple pathology test. It helps in evaluating the cells comprising in blood like red blood cells white blood cells and platelets. ESR: ESR stands for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. It helps in diagnosing any inflammation in the body. Blood glucose F PP: This test determines your sugar level.

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It is usually conducted in the morning before the person has eaten anything. Apparently the normal range for blood glucose should be 70 to 100 mg/dl. If a person shows 100 and 126 mg/dl it is referred to as pre-diabetes symptom while level 126 mg/dl or higher refers to be diabetic. Glycosylated Hemoglobin: It is an important test to determine your sugar level. This test shows how well you are managing your glucose levels. Urine Test: Urine analysis is a set of test done by a physician to check glucose protein bilirubin and urinary tract diseases.

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Stool test: Stool analysis is a set of tests done for analysing certain underlying conditions such as cancer infection and less dietary absorption. Test for Heart Diseases: ECG Holter monitoring echocardiogram stress test and cardiac catheterization is the series of tests performed to evaluate your heart health. Test for Liver problems: AST AND ALT tests are performed to check any damage or disease related to the liver. ASP is done to check the bile duct and to ensure any infection causing in the bile duct. Test for Kidney Diseases: Checking the level of creatinine and urea in the blood can determine any disease related to kidney.

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Imaging test like tomography and ultrasound is also done to see the condition of your kidney. Bone density test: Bone density check is done to examine your bone health and to diagnose osteoporosis. Dental examination: Dental examination is done to examine oral health. The dentist will first clean your teeth and examine your gum.

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They also examine face neck and mouth to ensure any other abnormalities. A stitch in time saves nine a regular health checkup can save your time and life both. So it is better to keep track of your overall health. Health Checkup Packages in Bangalore provides full body checkup under one roof. Chronic diseases can be treated if diagnosed in time. So make sure to go for a full body checkup for healthy living.

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