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There are lots of corporate health checkup packages. It ranges from basic health checkups to advanced health checkups, which include examining the eye and other issues. Read More:


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What is Corporate Health Check-up

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Health issues are not always created due to an unhygienic environment but also due to stress insecurities and working environment. In corporate health checkups specialists deal with these to give a free will to work. What are corporate health checkups A 2005 study in the USA indicates that companies lost USD 9 Billion Rs. 40317 Crore in 2005 to unwell employees. There are lots of corporate health checkup packages. It ranges from basic health checkups to advanced health checkups which include examining the eye and other issues.

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A company is a team of people who dedicate themselves to take forward a business organization to the next level. To do this the employees need to be in there best state of mind and body. Companies recommend these check-ups to make their employees work in their best conditions. Secret to healthy being There are other things which add to a healthy being. Getting past the stress is crucial. Stress is a normal feeling when you are competing in life. The jobs provide many situations where the individual feels stressed due to work pressure and deciding how to climb the success ladder.

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Therefore it is important to ensure that we always take necessary steps to prevent stress from taking control over us. Insecurity to get left behind is another major issue in corporate life. People nowadays can easily feel their insecurity towards life and their job. They try to surpass it with doing more work but eventually it also affects their health. The companies are usually afraid of these kinds of situations and provides their employees with health check-ups to keep them in check and to lower their inefficiency. Types of health check up 1. Heart Check up A corporate person needs to be healthy to accept the challenge ahead of him.

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In order to stay healthy regular health check is required. Most corporate professionals suffer from heart problems due to stress. Many Corporate Health Check-up Packages include heart checkup where they measure how healthy your heart is. The heart is a major part of the body. Not only can it causes health problems but also can lower your working efficiency also. Going for heart checkups regularly ensures that the health of the heart is always monitored from time to time. 2. Women’s health check up These packages also provide special treatments to women. Women feel different kinds of pressure and insecurities than men. Unlike men they also have a home and children to handle.

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The stress and insecurities they feel need a different approach to cure. Women can be very productive in comparison to men when it comes to working. Keeping them healthy means to giving the company a steady growth rate. 3. After retirement health check up There are health packages for after retirement. The company wants to take care of those who provide a lot for the growth of the company. These health packages are for those who are 60 and have retired. These help them to build trust in the company that they will take care of them even after their 60s.

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4. Health plans for married couples also There are also health plans for married couples also. A good family environment can lead to a productive person. In return it can help the institute to grow. Thats the only reason that many corporate health checkups also include marital checkups to make your life happy and marry. These corporate health checkups are available in many hospitals. You can access in any hospitals that provide these. This will help you to get a healthy mind and body and can make you productive. Applying for one means you are conscious about your health and want to be your best to give your best. It will help both the company and you in growing.

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