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Introduction to PM


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Dept Management Studies Project Management

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Dept Management Studies Introduction to Project Cost Cost estimation: is the process of calculating the cost of the identified resources needed to complete the project work More and more companies are requiring the PM to calculate the project cost and then factor of the ROI, and other benefit models, into the project product Goal is to see the value of the project

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Dept Management Studies Actual Profit Margin Project duration Project Cost Organization may do a cost estimate to see how much the project is going to cost to complete.

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Dept Management Studies Project cost estimation inputs It relies on several project components from Initiation to Planning process groups. Historical information Policies from the performing organization. Using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Relying on Resource Requirement Calculating Resource Rates Direct cost Variable cost FC Indirect Cost Cost should be in some unit of time or measure Cost/hr, cost/use, cost/ metric ton

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Dept Management Studies Length of the activities will help the performing org to calculate the cost of the project in the future Recall the formula of the present value PV = FV(1+R)n R= interest rate n = number of time periods

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Dept Management Studies Recall various discounting methods… Applying EVM Earned Value Method is used to measure the Project performance BAC = Our predicted budget at completion EV = %Complete X BAC PV = here a planned value (*present value) AC = actual costs of the project work to date CPI = EV/AC (Cost Performance Index) EAC = BAC/CPI (Estimate at completion) ETC = EAC – AC (Estimate to Complete)