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Tracking all contact Contact management software and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a centralized, shared database for any further action, becomes easy and fast.


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Better Relationships for Better Sales. Besides managing contacts of clients prospects and associates the contact management software helps and assists companies in many other critical areas too. Read to learn about its facilities and functionalities.

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Contacts are the lifeline of t o da y ’ s competitive business environment and their management is one of the most critical factors for successful running of a customer centric enterprise. With galloping sales funnels and an ever growing list of associates suppliers and vendors contact management software has emerged as one of the most important and useful tool for seamless business management. In addition to storing and managing contact information of customers prospects vendors associates and suppliers like name address phone numbers e-mail IDs meeting notes to-do lists etc the Contact management software also helps in the following important ways : • Data in the contact platform can be entered edited and altered by authorized staff and personnel of the company. • Further data is also entered by integration of various channels with the contact management system including web forms phone calls and APIs. • It enables the user to search through a vast number of contacts on various parameters including names cities mobile numbers e-mail IDs query details etc. • With its intuitive interface your searches are saved so that next time you can directly fetch a fresh list without performing the same search criteria. • Tracking all contacts and related opportunities activities and other details from a centralized shared database for any further action becomes easy and fast.

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• List building can be effectively done based on any criteria like contacts of a particular area prospects gained through a specific campaign leads at various stages of closure etc. • The teams and staff can easily identify where each contact fits within their company thus enabling better messaging and sales coordination. • You get facilities for importing contacts from third-party business applications various Wizards Web Forms and CRM API. • The managers can establish contact assignment rules to automatically assign contacts to the appropriate salespeople and can also change them midway due to any reason. • E-mail campaigns can be integrated with the contact management system so that the required e-mail IDs can be directly picked up from the database. • Similarly for SMS campaigns mobile numbers of the targeted contacts can also be directly assessed from the centralized database. • Meeting notes and To-Do-Lists can also be integrated with the contact system which generates triggers for employees to communicate with the contact at appropriate time. • Most contact systems enable you to integrate POP-enabled email with contacts using the specially provided Add-on features. • You can also synchronize contacts tasks and calendars between your CRM and Outlook using the Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. • Your contacts can be converted from search list to leads and marketing campaigns can be associated with them to measure the ROI of your campaigns effectively. • Hence the Contact Management Software gives you a complete view of vital details such as account history key contacts communications and internal account discussions making your business more organized with access to information that is always comprehensive current and correct.

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