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Learn the Best Practices to Follow When You Build Links to Your Website in 2018 How important are links to you If you have not noticed the recent developments then you could lose out on opportunities to popularize your website in the coming year. Links are as equally important as the content on your website. You can work tirelessly to improve the information you post but without effective links no search engine would give your website any preference. Moreover Google recently revealed that it depends largely on links to rank websites in its SERPs. Avoiding Bad Links Many SEO professionals have benefitted from building links. They have helped their clients and firms to capitalize on recent trends by creating great content and producing more backlinks. However just like mass-producing content doesn ’t help you get to the fore too many links don ’t guarantee anything as well. Not all links are the same so buying them mindlessly is not a good option. Bad links can even damage your Google reputation and could penalize you. You can say goodbye to any organic traffic. So how should you go about it Read More: 4 New Year Resolutions for Email Marketers to Go Big in the Days Ahead The Correct Way to Link You require a perspective on the correct way to create links that bring you results while staying in accordance with Google ’s search algorithm. Keep the following good habits in mind when you choose links for your website.  Reciprocation Linking: This is a good way to increase your link count. The wrong way to do this is by linking spam websites and just cross-linking each other just for the sake of it. Instead exchange links with websites that are similar to the content you post. When you users find these links sensible you succeed in reciprocal linking.  Guest Posting: When others write about you it serves the purpose of building trust in viewers and search engine bots. Too many anchor texts and hyperlinks destroy this purpose. The links should appear naturally within the content and there should not be stuffing of keywords.  Web Directory: Adding your website ’s link on a web directory can improve its presence. But if you join a directory just to get a backlink it can backfire on you. Google has removed irrelevant directories from its search perimeter. Make sure that you join a directory that is relevant to your industry. Provide helpful information there for potential clients.  Comments: By commenting on forums and posts you show that you are interested in your prospective customers. Refrain from adding links to your comments just to promote your website. If you offer useful ideas and advice interested people would come to you themselves. These practices help you to generate good quality links over time. As your links appear in the popular places around the web you would enjoy an increased traffic. This equals increased sales. Be careful about your link-building strategy and 2018 would reward you rightfully. If you are looking for more reputation in links building seo then dubaiwebsitedesign is one of the best in industry.