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SV Soft Solutions is listed as best online IT training institutes offers training on Devops with Job Support. We have expert trainers who provide practical training with live sessions. Want to become an expert in UI then reach us. Attend a free demo class if you are satisfied then join. To book for a demo class or any queries mail to [email protected], or Contact: India: +91-9642373173, USA: : +1-845-915-8712


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Slide1: Training At SV Soft Solutions Email: [email protected] USA: + 1-845-915-8712 India: + 91-9642373173


COURSE BENEFITS Industry Expert Trainer Real time Scenario Doubt session Support Topic to Topic Assignments Resume Preparation Interview Q/A Record Sessions Detailed Study Material 24/7 Support

Who Should Go for This Course?:

Who Should Go for This Course? Software Tester Devops Architect Automation Engineer Security Engineer Release Manager Integration Specialist

Course Content:

Course Content Introduction to Devops         a. Brief session on DevOps terminology. Setting up the system for DevOps         a. Installing Java         b. Installing Maven         c. Installing cygwin


Introduction to CI tools         a. Installing Jenkins on Windows and Linux         b. Set up Jenkins plugins         c. Set up security         d. Jenkins usage to trigger jobs, pipelines Build tools         a. Maven and its life cycle, Pom concepts, distribution, plugins         b. Msbuild         c. Integration with CI


Artifact management         a. Installing Nexus         b. Set up and features of storing artifacts         c. Build versioning         d. Integrating with CI. Code quality         a. Installing Sonar         b. On boarding projects into sonar dashboard using cmd , Pom         c. Integrating with CI


Version control         a. Installing GIT and SVN         b. Version management         c. Terminology of version management         d. Integrating with CI tools AWS         a. AWS account setup         b. Env provisioning        c. Regions and Locations         d. S3 Bucket         e. RDS        f. Glacier etc...


Chef         a. Installing chef         b. Concepts of recipe, manifest, Knife         c. Deploying using chef Scripting and understanding Linux         a. Shell, Ruby, Batch Monitoring – Splunk


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