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For all learners who want to start their career in AWS as it being most growing career path. SV Soft Solutions provides a complete live training on AWS. The live training sessions are provided by working professionals. We have placed several students in software companies. For more details [email protected] USA : +1-845-915-8712 (Toll Free) India : +91-9642373173


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Cloud Computing AWS Training By SV Soft Solutions :

Cloud Computing AWS Training By SV Soft Solutions Call US: USA : +1-845-915-8712 India : +91-9642373173

About SV Soft Solutions :

About SV Soft Solutions SV Soft Solutions is one of the best Software Training institutes in Hyderabad offers online training on various trending technologies. Join our AWS Training classes and get trained by real time experts to get hands on experience. We provide AWS Online Training for IT Professionals, software developer, system admins, startups, Technical students etc. SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Trainer Expertise :

Trainer Expertise Hands on Experience in AWS Cloud Technology SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Our Training Methodology :

Our Training Methodology Successfully completed 25+ batches Our courses are delivered in a various mediums like Online, classroom and corporate training User friendly interface Easy and understandable language Convenient study materials SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Who should attend ? :

Who should attend ? IT Professionals Technical Students System Admins Startup Companies Software Developers SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

We will be covered in training :

We will be covered in training Introduction to Cloud Computing Introduction to Cloud Computing Why Cloud Computing? Benefits of Cloud Computing SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Types of Cloud Computing :

Types of Cloud Computing Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Community Cloud Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Cloud Computing Issues :

Cloud Computing Issues Security Costing Model Service Level Agreement (SLA) Cloud Interoperability Issue What to migrate? Legal and compliance SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Virtualization :

Virtualization What is virtualization? Virtualization and cloud computing Types of virtualization Virtualization terminologies Hypervisor Benefits Vendors SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) :

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Introduction to AWS Elastic computing Introduction to the AWS products Regions and Availability Zones Signing up for AWS AWS Free usage tier Introduction AWS management console SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

EC2 Instances :

EC2 Instances Understanding AMI Launching your first AWS instance On-demand Instance pricing Reserved Instance pricing Spot instance pricing Setting up security Security groups Choosing the AMI Creating a new AMI IP Addressing Scheme Public and Private IP’s Deploying a new instance from the created AMI Key Pairs Elastic IP’s SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) :

ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) Introduction to ELB Basic ELB concepts Internet-facing ELB VPC-facing ELB Create an ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) Adding and removing instances on ELB SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

EBS (Elastic Block Storage) :

EBS (Elastic Block Storage) Create EBS volumes Delete EBS Volumes Attach and detach EBS volumes Mounting and un-mounting EBS volume Creating and deleting snapshots Creating volumes from snapshots SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

CloudWatch :

CloudWatch Cloudwatch dashboard Configuring Monitoring services Setting thresholds Configuring actions Creating a cloudwatch alarm Getting statistics for ec2 instances Monitoring other AWS services Configuring Notifications Integrating cloudwatch with Auto scaling SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Simple Notification Service (SNS) :

Simple Notification Service (SNS) what is SNS? Creating a topic Create subscription Subscribed to the subscription SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Auto scaling :

Auto scaling Horizontal vs. vertical scaling Boot strapping Create a launch configuration Create an Auto Scaling group Create a policy for your Auto Scaling group set up an auto-scaled, load-balanced Amazon EC2 application SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Identity access management (IAM):

Identity access management (IAM) Creating Users and Groups Applying policies Password Policy Roles Command line management. SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Elastic Beanstalk :

Elastic Beanstalk Creating environment Application versioning Deploying a sample app SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

S3 (Simple Storage Service):

S3 (Simple Storage Service) What is S3? RRS (Reduced Redundancy storage) S3 durability and redundancy S3 Buckets S3 Uploading Downloading S3 Permissions S3 Object Versioning S3 Lifecycle Policies SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Glacier storage :

Glacier storage Route53 Creating zones Hosting a website Understanding routing policies Weighted simple and failover policies SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Relational Database Service (RDS) :

Relational Database Service (RDS) Selecting the Database type Configuring the database Creating database Configuring backups Configuring the maintenance windows Connecting to the database . SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Cloud Formation:

Cloud Formation What is cloud formation? Deploying template Create Stack Delete Stack Provisioning application resources with CloudFormation SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

CloudFront :

CloudFront Use of cloudfront Creating a cloudfront distribution Hosting a website of cloudfront distribution Implementing restrictions Configuring origins and behaviors SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) What is VPC? VPC configuration VPC security Elastic IP’s Inbound and outbound ACL’s SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Dynamo DB :

Dynamo DB Creating a Dynamodb Configuring alarms Adding data manually SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Project and AWS Case study :

Project and AWS Case study Creating and managing two tier application (WEB and DB) on AWS. Creating and managing three tier application (APP, WEB and DB) on AWS. Migrating On-Premise application to AWS Cloud. SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

AWS Certification and Cost Strategies :

AWS Certification and Cost Strategies Best practices for AWS Cost control strategies Overview of AWS certification SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

AWS troubleshooting :

AWS troubleshooting Troubleshooting EC2 instances Troubleshooting using CloudWatch Troubleshooting using ELB Using CloudTrail SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Trusted Advisor :

Trusted Advisor Cost Optimization Performance Security Fault Tolerance SV Soft Solutions, , [email protected]

Contact Us :

Contact Us For More Information about training Website : Email : [email protected] Phone : USA : +1-845-915-8712 India : +91-9642373173

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