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The Mission  2009 Global Action Coalition, Inc. To promote world peacethrough action

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The Goal . . . Education . . . Health . . . Housing . . . Disaster Relief To provide humanitarian assistancein developing countriesin partnership with military andlocal community leaders  2009 Global Action Coalition, Inc.

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Who We Are We are a coalition of civilians,along with active dutyand retired military officers,united in our desire to make a differencethrough humanitarian effortsin developing countries.  2009 Global Action Coalition, Inc.

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Who We Are Board of Directors Robert Rowen, President Dennis Meyers, Vice President Hemu K. Adhikari, VP- Nepal Projects Roberta Berger, Treasurer April Brinks-Bailey, Secretary Ron Floto Denny Garland Toby Isaacson Field Staff - Bruce Mills, Denny Garland  2009 Global Action Coalition, Inc.

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Who We Are Advisory Board Bhante Sujatha, Sri Lanka Buddhist Monk, Blue Lotus Center, Chicago Dr. Maria Stuttaford, Public Health and CUF Foundation Rear Admiral Ret. Henning Bess, German Navy Brigadier General Arne Skjaerpe, Norwegian Army Colonel Negash Y. Abraha, Ethiopian Army Colonel Pal Alfheim, Norwegian Army Colonel Gabor Nagy, Hungarian Army Captain Kenneth Stewart, Canadian Navy Lt. Colonel Michael Andersson, Swedish Air Force Lt. Colonel Jose Coehlo, Portugal Air Force Lt. Colonel Bharat Gurung, Nepal Army Lt. Col Joachim Hjorth, Swedish Air Force Lt. Colonel Kimmo Lindberg, Finland Army Lt. Colonel Binea Rana, Nepal Army Lt. Col. Patrick Vermeer, Belgian Army Major Prem Pun, Nepal Army  2009 Global Action Coalition, Inc.

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Getting Started . . . Project Nepal Chitwan Province, Gulmiand Palpa regions Where: What: Who: October 2009 When: And . . Begin by creating new school programs and medical clinics Work with Nepalese Military friends, Colonel Bharat Gurung in Palpa, Major Hem Pun, Retired, and Colonel Prem Pun in Barse, Gulmi Continue expanding work of Board Member Hemu Adhikari in Chitwan Province villages.

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Poverty . . . one of the most pressing problems in Nepal 48% of all children are classified as undernourished.

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Kirantar Village Chitwan Province

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GAC Lunch Program For these children, lunch is sometimes their only meal. for 200 children at the Kirantar School Chitwan Province

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Without our help . . . 5th grade could be the end of an education for many of these children. Chitwan Province

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What you can do to help --- $125 per student will buy: a used bicycle to travel the 5 miles each way to 6th grade a backpack text books lunch for a full year The goal --- to develop a mentorship program and the next generation of leaders.

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Upardang Gadi School Barely more than ½ of the children in the village attend school. Chitwan Province

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When you educate a man, you educate an individual. When you educate a woman, you educate a whole family.

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GAC Clinic Projects Currently The Plan – a full-day trip for simple medical treatment – build 2 clinics with doctor visits Chitwan Province

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Barse Valley Projects . . . may include supporting local farmers by creating a Farmers’ Business School Gulmi Province

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In the Palpa area the basic needs are great: . . . safe drinking water . . . medical aid . . . education . . . shelter

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What we take for granted . . . . . . may be a great treasure to others.

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Simple actions . . . can make a world of difference. . . . like feeding a child

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Where do we go next? Congo . . . Ethiopia . . . Kenya . . . . . . and around the globe as we are called

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Please help the Global Action Coalitionbring peace through actionin Nepaland other partsof the world . . . . . . one child . . . one village . . . one community at a time.

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Promoting World PeaceThrough Action

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