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Written by Mrs. Toothman’s 2nd Graders Math Vocabulary

Angle : 

An Angle is made by two lines that extend from the same point. Angle

Clock : 

If you want to know what time it is, look at a clock. - Katelyn Clock

Cylinder : 

A cylinder is a figure with a long round body. -Luke Cylinder

Denominator : 

The denominator is the bottom number in a fraction. -Carson Denominator

Dollar : 

A dollar is worth 100 cents. -Payton Dollar

Equation : 

An equation is a mathematical statement that contains an equal sign. -Kali Equation

Even Number : 

An even number is divisible by two. -Alyssa Even Number

Fraction : 

A fraction is a part of a whole, like a half, a third, or a quarter. Fraction

Half : 

When something is divided into two equal parts each of these two parts is half of the original object. - Payton Half

Hour : 

There are 24 hours in a day. -Hailey Hour

Hundredth : 

A hundredth I one part in a hundred equal parts. -Carson Hundredth

Line Segment : 

A line segment is a portion of line with end points . -Haley Line Segment

Minus : 

The mathematical symbol minus means to subtract. Four minus three is written: 4-3=1. -Marcus Minus

Minute hand : 

A minute hand on a clock tells you how many minutes past the hour it is. -Oliver Minute hand

Multiplication : 

The basic idea of multiplication is repeated addition. -Jack Multiplication

Number Line : 

A line with numbers placed in their correct position. -Anjali Number Line

Numerator : 

The numerator is the top number in a fraction. -Marcus Numerator

Odd Number : 

An odd number can’t be divided evenly by two. -Sarah Odd Number

Ordinal Number : 

An ordinal number shows the position in a series of numbers. First, second and third are ordinal numbers. -Hailey Ordinal Number

Pattern : 

A pattern is something that is repeated. -Oliver Pattern

Penny : 

A penny is a coin worth one cent. -Matthew Penny

Plus : 

A plus sign means addition. -Luis Plus

Regular Polygon : 

A regular polygon has sides that are all the same length. -Noah Regular Polygon

Right Angle : 

A right angle looks like the corner or a square it extends ninety degrees -Emely Right Angle

Ruler : 

A ruler is a straight piece of material that is used for measuring distances or drawing straight lines. -Alyssa Ruler

Skip Counting : 

Skip counting is counting while skipping some numbers, like 2,4,6,8… -Katelyn Skip Counting

Sphere : 

A sphere is a ball shaped object. -Anjali Sphere

Square : 

A square has four equally long sides which are at right angles to each other. -Alyssa Square

Subtraction : 

Subtraction is an operation in which one number is taken away from another number. -Katie Subtraction

Symmetry : 

Symmetry is when one shape becomes exactly like another if you flip, slide or turn it. -Molly Symmetry

Tally Marks : 

Tally marks are a quick way of keeping track of numbers in groups of five. -Molly Tally Marks

Time : 

Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. -Emely Time

Triangle : 

A triangle is a geometric figure that has three sides. -Haley Triangle

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