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Claud Monet 1840 - 1926 Famous French Painter 1886 Self Portrait Advance by mouse Click

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Monet at Giverny France

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Giverny is a community in France located in the Normandy region. In 1883 Claude Monet settled in the village . He bought a house and made a garden. He dug a arm from the Epte River so that it flowed through his property, that bason on which he painted his famous Water Lillies.

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This is where Monet worked and loved to rest , contimplating his painting on the walls . Still critical , he studied each of them to give them the final touch needed for perfection. L’atelier-salon

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The Blue Room is a small reading room, the furniture all authentic have been restored and returned to the original colors. The prints on the walls are Japaneese that Monet collected between 1871 and 1926

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La salle à manger

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The kitchen is surprisingly large. Its shades of blue are impressive. The series of copper ' wares is original. There is a beautiful stove, sink and table.

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Claud Monet bedroom where he died in 1926. Monet spent 43 years painting in this exceptional setting. The furnature is restored and original On the left, the room of Alice the second wife of Monet who died in 1911. The decor is simple and relaxing.

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Vue depuis la chambre de Claude Monet

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This alley leads to the main entrance to the house of Monet.

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The Garden of Monet is full of flowers of all kind which may give an impression of « clutter » but make no mistake, there is a beautiful harmony of colors, well studied.

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Monet had a passion for flowers, but especially for iris es and lillies. In his garden, Irises and Lilllies of all colors come together in Harmony

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The Garden is maintained as Monet wishes by Gilbert Vahé, chef gardner of the Monet Foundation

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Artifically diverting a branch of the Epte River Claud Monet fed his Lilly Pond

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Monet’s Bamboo that line the water way he dug from the river.

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Claude Monet passion for Japan and its artist caused him to build a Japaneese bridge to cross the pool of Water lillies .

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Hotel Baudy where Monet dined with other artist.

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La terrasse de l’hôtel Baudy

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The dining room where Monet met with American Artist s , families and friends.

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After 85 years, the garden is still maintained according to the wishes of Moner who planted an array of vibant colors of Tulips, Rhododendrons, Azaleans, and Irisis, all reinforced by the tireless color scheme by the presense of Julian, Peonies, Poppies, and forget me Nots. To end this slide Show, another painter and a friend and admirer of Monet arrived after Monet had died and saw his body covered with a black shroud, Explaining that it was inapproiate .  No Black for Monet,  Black is not a Color . He then pulled down the colorfuil courtains of the windows and covered the body of the famous painter/

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Web based information and photos Musique by Franz Lehar « The Exquisite Hour » Edited by Jack Cross [email protected]