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Need SharePoint Support? : 

Need SharePoint Support?

SharePoint: Introduction : 

SharePoint: Introduction A Microsoft technology which allows companies to host intranet based webpages. Enables sharing of MS Office documents between users on the intranet. Resides on a server running the SharePoint software. Can be used to host websites which accesses shared workspaces, information stores and documents, as well as host defined applications. Users can manipulate proprietary controls.

SharePoint: Features : 

SharePoint: Features Can set up all the configuration to use Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 into SharePoint Sites. Content type hierarchy. Debug Config feature. Global web.config feature. Silverlight (.NET 3.5) config feature. Manage configuration modification. Manage hierarchical object store. Manage layout sitemap.

Our Services : 

Our Services SharePoint Site Branding. SharePoint Web Development. SharePoint Custom Webpart development. SharePoint Custom Workflow development using Visual Studio (VB / C#) and SharePoint Designer 2007. SharePoint Custom Security model for Internet users through SQL Membership Provider. SharePoint Enterprise Search (Basic / Advanced) Setup and Customization. SharePoint Enterprise Content Management. SharePoint Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence.

Our Services : 

Our Services SharePoint Portal Development. SharePoint Smart Forms using MS Info Path 2007. SharePoint Installer applications. SharePoint package installers using WSP Builders. SharePoint customization and automation using Content Types and Event Receivers. SharePoint web site customization using Server Admin and Site Admin templates. SharePoint Site Migration. SharePoint SQL Reporting and SharePoint QA and Testing.

Contact Us : 

Contact Us For SharePoint related queries Contact [email protected] or 1-248-686-1424

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