What is soundcloud?

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Soundcloud is one of the world's largest audio tracking in an online. It has a great impact in film industry.


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What is Soundcloud  Soundcloud is used to disribute the audio tracks in an online.  It just like other social media network.  This is one of the biggest online distibution for audio in all over the world.  Buy souncloud plays to start with huge number of audience.

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Who use soundcloud  Soundcloud used by two types of people. They are  People who want to promote their audio tracks.  And who want to listen to specific audio tracks.

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How does Soundcloud work  Contributors to Soundcloud:  Contributors can upload and organize their music on Soundcloud for listeners.  They can also track the people who are all listening.

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 Soundcloud Listeners:  People who are all listening to audio track on soundcloud can add comments.  If they like the audio they can share it on their social media accounts.

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