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University Student Academic Records System in the U. S. Dr. David J. Karber Professor

Underlying Principles/Values : 

Underlying Principles/Values Openness Informed, knowledgeable citizens Honesty, integrity, character counts Increased trust Diversity of viewpoints Authority is disaggregated Value individuals Respect for each other Respect for differences—accommodate them Right to privacy Commitment to society.

California Education System : 

California Education System Elementary, Middle School or Junior High School, and High School Middle School (grades 6,7 & 8) Junior High School (grades 7 & 8) School Attendance Required to age 16.

California Education System, continued . . . : 

California Education System, continued . . . Types of elementary and high schools Public Private Home schooling Charter schools Virtual schools.

Higher Education in California : 

Higher Education in California Public University of California-10 campuses California State University-23 campuses.

Higher Education in California Continued . . . : 

Higher Education in California Continued . . . Community Colleges—110 in 72 Districts Local & Regional Training Centers Community Education Centers.

Higher Education in California--Continued : 

Higher Education in California--Continued Private Universities Church-related Nonprofit Profit Two-year colleges Vocational & Technical Colleges/Vocational & Technical Institutes.

Student Academic Records : 

Student Academic Records Common computer-based system among CSU campuses Online Application for admission Online; up to four CSU campuses Electronic transcripts Electronic submission of grades.

Student Grade Appeals : 

Student Grade Appeals Students have right to appeal a grade Attempt resolution with professor Attempt resolution with dept. chair Referred to Dean of College Appeal to Student Grade Appeal Committee—final decision Support grade assigned Change grade assigned.

Privacy Rights of Students : 

Privacy Rights of Students Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) Students must be given access Students must authorize release of information Students may challenge content (except grades) Student right to file complaint with federal government.

Privacy Rights Continued . . . : 

Privacy Rights Continued . . . “Directory Information” may be released Limited access by campus administrators.

Release of Student Information : 

Release of Student Information Students must make requests in writing Effective for one year Students can forbid release of personal identifiable information.

Credit hours/Accreditation : 

Credit hours/Accreditation Basis of credit: Carnegie unit One hour per credit unit Three times per week/one hour each class Two times per week/ 1 ½ hours each class 16 weeks per semester Three-unit Class: 48 hours per semester Lab hours vary Independent studies Internships.

Schedules : 

Schedules Campus-based classes Monday-Wednesday-Friday Tuesday-Thursday Weekends Hybrid classes On-campus and online Totally online.

Modified Terms : 

Modified Terms The length of a term varies Traditional semester Quarter terms Three quarters Four quarters Special sessions Intensives Weekend only Summer session.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Flexible Scheduling : 

Advantages/Disadvantages of Flexible Scheduling Advantages Accommodates students’ personal/work schedule “Intensives” allow for focused learning Students can select terms in which they want to study Increased efficiency in use of facilities Can shorten time to complete a degree Assessment of outcomes becomes more vital.

Advantages/Disadvantages Continued . . . : 

Advantages/Disadvantages Continued . . . Disadvantages Challenge to insure that course content is covered Intensives sometimes limit research possibilities Labor contracts my pose limitations Administrative demands increase.

Websites : 

Websites University of California California State University California Community Colleges Each campus also has its own website Good website for general information about education in California