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TOSHIBA PROTÉGÉ R700 A mini beast with optimal performance

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Ever since  Toshiba  has exited the market for commercial computers, there is scarcely any new development. It is there surprising when the company launches a new system for its commercial variant, the  Toshiba Protégé R700,  talks are in the air. While one of the only two laptops supported by Toshiba, this machine shows some burst of brilliance hiding behind its small keys, a meh battery, and a run-of-the-mill webcam. Now let us dig a bit deeper to see if it is worth it.

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Toshiba Repair centre  asks the age old question; is it worth it?Toshiba systems do not often tend to be favorites for many people. To that end, whether you are an academic or a business-oriented individual, you will always look for the alternatives. Our repairmen look into the system in the following ways to see if the laptop can be considered substantial or it is better to wait for better alternatives.

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DESIGN:   Unlike the previous edition, the R600, the  R700  accentuates a lot of power with a more robust and sturdier cover of black-magnesium. While the Chromed hinges are made of plastic, the darker gray touchpad buttons give the laptop a sort of a strong-yet-glossed over feel. This further gives the system a subtle yet intense look. At 3.2 pounds, this machine is one of the lightest systems you will find in a class that entails a 13-inch display with the addition to an optical drive. Emphasizing more on the sturdiness,  Toshiba  implements a honeycomb-rib chassis combined with hard drive protective cover and spill-resistant keyboard. HEATING :   While most of the Toshiba system entails a specialized airflow technology, this one definitely got the short-end of the stick. When our technicians did some Netflix streaming for around 17 minutes, the touchpad and the central area remained cool, while the laptop bottom was uncomfortably hot at 103 degrees. Well, considering the already included notice in the package that says “Avoid prolonged contact to avoid heat injury”, the laptop does have some plausible deniability. Although, it still sticks out like a sore thumb. TOUCHPAD AND KEYBOARD:    The keyboard, while sporting a chiclet design and an adequate amount of feedback, there is a serious lack of size. This downside is further laid stress upon when you consider that the system is only 13 inches. All in all, it sure needs some getting used to if you seek to enjoy the full advantages of this system. However, the shining part comes in the form of a large Touchpad. This multi-gesture device is responsive, exudes finesse and far passes its competition. PERFORMANCE :  Packing in a powerful Core i5 2.4 GHz CPU, this machine is not lacking in performance. Additionally, the 320 GB hard drive is amazingly adequate at 7200 rpm. GRAPHICAL :   With an integrated Intel HD graphics chipset, you can easily play some less graphically intensive games at a lower resolution of 1024 x 768. This might not be much, but remember we that we are dealing with a business class system here. BATTERY LIFE:   The six-cell battery entailed in the R700 lasts for about 6 whole hours. Furthermore, if you focus on much more deeper aspects of the system, you will notice far outruns machines of the same caliber.

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To summarize our entire rundown of the system features: It is a great system, exhibiting a decent performance combined with a decent lightweight design and a long battery life. It only helps back by the severe lack of keyboard design, an obnoxiously loud venting mechanism, and a mediocre webcam. As for our final verdict, yes the system is worth it. If you want more information regarding this system, you can contact  Laptop repair Service center Brisbane   at their toll-free number  1800-431-351 . Our technicians there will not only avail you of more information pertaining to this application, they will also assist you in troubleshooting the issues related to  R700 Protégé . RELATED KEYWORD Toshiba Protégé R700   Toshiba Protégé R700 – A mini beast ORIGINAL SOURCE

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