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What is Synthetic Marijuana?:

What is Synthetic Marijuana? Synthetic marijuana began being sold in 2004 It was marketed as a “legal high” In 2011 five different types of synthetic marijuana compounds were added as Schedule I controlled substances. As of 2013 there are now over 400 different synthetic marijuana compounds that have been identified, and differing widely in chemical structure, potency, and receptor activation

What is Synthetic Marijuana?:

What is Synthetic Marijuana? Synthetic marijuana is often sold over the internet and in local head shops or gas stations Packaging is bright in color with exotic names It is sold as potpourri, incense, etc. On each of the packages it states “not for human consumption” This is to avoid being identified as synthetic marijuana


HOW IS IT MADE? The herbs are sprayed with chemicals that mimic the psychoactive properties of THC Synthetic marijuana substitutes are not produced in a controlled environment Their purity and dosage are not regulated or consistent The chemicals in synthetic marijuana are stronger and bind more permanently to the receptors in the body. The remain longer in the brain and organs They do not bind as quickly to receptors in the brain and this causes an increase risk of overdose due to not feeling the effects as quickly

What are the Undesired Effects?:

Insomnia somatic pain nausea seizures agitation vomiting internal restlessness tremors palpitations headaches death perceptual alterations illusions visual and auditory hallucinations paranoia aggression depersonalization dissociation anxiety depressed moods hypertension hyperventilation What are the Undesired Effects?

Where are synthetics headed and what can be done? :

The trend for synthetics will continue to evolve and adapt to current fads, laws and drug screens. There is now a cemented culture of synthetic drugs and it will continue to maintain itself. Providers, schools, communities and families need to educate themselves about these new substances but keep in mind that it all comes back to substance abuse/addiction and the desire to experiment and get high. That is not a new concept and there are treatment programs available. Where are synthetics headed and what can be done?

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