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DEFINITION Organization Development (OD) is the process of improving organizations. The process is carefully planned and implemented to benefit the organization, its employees and its stakeholders.


Profitability, productivity, morale and quality of work life are of concern to most organizations because they impact achievement of organization goals. There is an increasing trend to maximize an organization's investment in its employees. Jobs that previously required physical dexterity now require more mental effort. Organizations need to "work smarter" and apply creative ideas. WHY IS ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT IMPORTANT?

Learning and OD – a preview : 

Learning and OD – a preview Rapid changes across the Globe – Organizations have to gear up to these changes by continuously developing capability OD – Not just the responsibility of Management- participatory process of all employees across all levels OD builds organizational capability focusing on continuous capability improvement Individual Learning contributes to Organizational Learning and hence contributes significantly to Organizational development Organizations moving towards a knowledge economy system made Learning emerge as an accelerator for OD processes

Key roles of learning in OD : 

Key roles of learning in OD Building Innovative Culture Managing Cultural Diversity Improving Individual’s Capability Leadership Development Learning and OD Lead from the front – increasing demand for middle management Innovate or Evaporate – today’s “mantra” of corporations Unity in Diversity – increasing foreign nationals count Raising the Bar – focused individual learning plans

The Future of OD Strategy : 

The Future of OD Strategy Linking OD values and contributions worldwide to create vital, successful organizations and communities. VISION MISSION Uniting energizing and mobilizing thousands of OD practitioners, business leaders and academics worldwide to advance the field of OD and add value to all stakeholders, in an ever-changing world.

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