Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal- Why it Needn’t be an Absolute Rip-off


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Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal- Why it needn’t be an absolute Rip-off:

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal- Why it needn’t be an absolute Rip-off


Two wheeler users are being imposed extortionate fees for slight insurance policy variations upon renewals. Why? Because the customers couldn’t be bothered to research on the latest offers, rates and trends regarding the two wheeler insurance.

The Pit of Automated-Renewal :

The Pit of Automated-Renewal The insurer will issue you ‘reminders’ to renew policy. You will renew his policy without much thought. And you fall for this promotion exercise and perhaps missing out on better offers offered by other company or by the same company itself. Or you remain uninsured until you remember to renew.

What are the possible losses if you are not covered?:

What are the possible losses if you are not covered ? No claim, no insurance. Even if it is the other driver’s fault! Bear the costs of repairs. Your transportation expenses for the time your two wheeler is off the road. Hospital bills will be yours alone to settle. More wear and tear to your bike and a sizable dip in future resale value. High compensation you will have to shell out in case of third party injury or property damage.

Common Two wheeler Insurance Claims:

Common Two wheeler Insurance Claims You must purchase a full comprehensive motor vehicle policy with protection of third-party and property damage to be able to claim for the losses stated below. If the other driver wronged you, you can claim for: Additional expenses for repairs Your transport expenses until the bike is good enough to hit the road again. Bear the costs for treatment of injuries Compensation if you are unable to go for work due to accident. Compensation as this accident will be yet another cause for loss of resale value of your bike.

Step-by-step Procedure to Claim:

Step-by-step Procedure to Claim Inform the other driver in writing about your insured and uninsured losses promptly. If the driver refuses to cooperate, you can take the matter to the court. You can request for legal assistance, which your insurance company will happily provide, especially if you have sustained injuries from the accident.


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