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At present, security camera systems are everywhere and delivering the best high-security levels. For your small business installing a security camera at your budget. See the below Security Camera Types: - Fixed Camera - Field of View - Night Vision Camera


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Need Help: Which Type of Security Camera System is Suitable for My Small Business?:

Need Help: Which Type of Security Camera System is Suitable for My Small Business ?

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Nowadays, security cameras are everywhere and delivering their best to increase security levels. For small business owners, installing a security camera is a mandatory as they don’t have enough budget to employ extra sources to keep eye on the business premises 24 hours a day.

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They put their hard work, soul and heart to enhance the business to a next high and make the dreams a reality. Just imagine the level of frustration of an owner whose business property might be vandalized or stolen by someone. To avoid such nasty situation in business; investing business fund on security camera is a preferred option.

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Once, you decide to install CCTV in business premises, the very next question will be raised in your mind “ Which type of security cameras I need to install? ” To get the answer read on . To equip small business area with CCTV, choosing the right type of camera is necessary. Let us tell you all that not all cameras function equally. Each type is designed for specific purpose and performs different functions. Know the types of the camera below and then make a decision to purchase according to your business type.

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Fixed Camera: Stick to capture a fixed area of business and optimized for storage areas and small cabins. The iris of the camera should be set according to the lighting circumstance of an area where a camera will be used. A wrong adjustment of an iris will wash out the picture.

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Field of View (FOV): Widely used to keep an eye on a wider area of business premises without spoiling image quality. It can be optimized for parking lots areas, store floor and large sections of a warehouse. It may cover double space than a fixed camera covers.

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Night Vision Camera: during the daytime, the chances of stuff being stolen are much lesser than the night time. Infrared night vision camera can rescue. It is designed to capture images even at night. A large number of CCTV installation companies in Delhi are ready to install a third-eye on your business spaces.

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Have you made your mind to install a security camera in your business areas? The Sight and Sound India can be a right choice to do a job for you. It’s a dedicated and predominant Home Automation solution provider in Delhi and surrounding area. Call today & start keeping eye on your business spaces all the time.

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