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Capsules are becoming the important requirement for a person. Whether you are ill or want to take protein capsules act really fast. In this presentation, you will get to know about the types of capsules. Visit for more -


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Sunil Healthcare Limited :

Sunil Healthcare Limited


Types Of Capsules Available Capsules are one of the easiest way to take a drug in any of the disease for the attributes like easy to swallow, slipperiness and smoothness. The capsules not only acts fast but also digest quickly in the stomach. There are numbers of manufacturers who emphasized strictly on the utilization of the capsules. The capsules are made up of both vegetarian sources as well as animal sources. Being one of the oldest type of medication, capsules are manufactured worldwide and used for the different ailments. In India, there are many manufacturers of capsules like Sunil Healthcare. This company has established a great position in the arena of pharmaceuticals. When it comes to the quality and experience, SunLoc has always won the bid. In this presentation, we are going to discuss about the popular types of capsules available.

Let us have a closer look over the popular types of capsules -:

Let us have a closer look over the popular types of capsules - Hard Gelatin Capsules are hard in nature and derived from the parts of animal bones. The advantages of this capsules are quickly dissolving nature and easy to swallow. Hard Gelatin Capsules


Soft Gelatin Capsules Soft Gelatin Capsules also known as vegetable capsules are manufactured from 100% natural sources with non utilization of animal products. These types of capsules offers the same benefits and counted as the perfect for the vegetarians.


Flavored Capsules Flavored Capsules as the name suggested are available in different types of flavors like Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange and a lot more. These are specially made for the children who never take pills easily.


Liquid Fill Capsules Liquid Fill Capsules are available in the form of gel inside. These capsules comes with the benefit of extra lock which avoids the leakage of API


Credits Sunil Health Care is a leading manufacturer and supplier of empty gelatin capsules. The company is the second largest manufacturer of empty hard shell gelatin capsules in India. The company has established a remarkable position in the arena of medical industry.

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