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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 1 PROBLEM Most Commonly whispered word from people is “PROBLEM”


PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 2 WHAT IS A PROBLEM “Doubtful or Difficult matter requiring a solution. 2 something hard to understand or accomplish.” as per Oxford Dictionary PROBLEM MAY VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON EVERY ONE HAS THEIR OWN PROBLEM

Problem : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 3 Problem “Problem is a Problem until you don’t know what is problem” “Once you know the problem then their will not be problem & you can find the way to solution”

Most Common problems : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 4 Most Common problems Human Being Don’t live in Presence Human Being is Double Minded We Try to change other We Expect more from the materialistic world We get anger Frequently. We only work for any monetary benefit No Humanity

Don’t live in Presence : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 5 Don’t live in Presence Most of the People always live only in two things What Happened (past) What is going to Happen (Future) No concentration on what is going around in the Presence To be cont….

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 6 One Fact that you cannot change your ‘PAST’ then why to waste time You cannot Stop any thing suppose to occur in the Future, But you can make your Future by effectively working in the presence ?Remember your past ? Keep Future in Mind & ? Work in the Presence Cont….

Double Minded : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 7 Double Minded Human being is Double Minded, We cannot stick to one decision. Always two things Come in mind when ever You Do any thing i.e. 1. It will Happen OR 2. It will Not Happen 99.9 % the second criteria comes first ‘IT WILL NOT’ To be cont….

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 8 Because People think more Negative Because We don’t have the confidence on oneself Because We don’t Trust any one Human mind is not constant ?If you want to check your stability of mind sit in front of the Television & see a Channel for 2hrs without Changing the channel and without touching the remote. ? By Doing Meditation you can control your mind Cont….

We Try To change other : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 9 We Try To change other This is most common Problem comes in any relation that they try to Change Other. Every one wants others should live as per their wish. They will never try to change themselves They will only try to change other You Can’t Change others

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 10 When you drive the vehicle the control of the vehicle will be in your hand, if somebody comes ignorantly in front of vehicles what you will do. You cant stop him because you don’t have the control of other mind. You can do only you can change your way or stop the vehicles Don't try to change other, Change yourself

We Expect more from the Materialistic world : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 11 We Expect more from the Materialistic world If you help your friends when they are in need you expect the same from your friend that they should do the same. If a child born in your home you will expect that he will be the support of you when you become old. We think ever we do something for other. Other should also do the same. “KARM KAR AUR FAL KI ICHA NA KAR” “NAKI KAR AUR DARIYA MEIN DAL”

We Get Anger : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 12 We Get Anger The Biggest Enemy of the human being is ‘Anger’. People get Anger when their Expectation do not come to reality. We get Anger when we don’t like any thing and someone do the same thing in front of us. With Anger things goes very worse that people kill each other. To be cont….

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 13 Anger is like a Milk in a bowl kept on Fire After a certain time the milk reaches the Boiling point, then it comes out. At that moment if you full the Gas what happens. Similarly Every one has their own boiling point. After that they loose they temper How to Control the Milk/ Anger Cont…. To be cont….

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 14 There are three ways to Control the Milk Close the Gas / Remove the fire Remove the Milk Bowl from Fire OR Put two three drops of water to the Milk Similarly Change/Close the Topic from which you get the anger. Go away from that Place for that Moment OR Try to learn to say Two Word i.e. ‘Thank you & Sorry’ Based on situation. Cont…. To be cont….

Based on Situation : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 15 Based on Situation When you go to any shop you find something on the door i.e. ‘PUSH’ or ‘PULL” Sometimes you Need to PUSH Sometimes you Need to PULL & Sometime You Can’t Both i.e. Elevator / Lift (It opens Automatically) You Need to wait till it open You can’t do any thing except waiting.

We only work for any Monetary Benefit (Fayda) : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 16 We only work for any Monetary Benefit (Fayda) we do any work only if we get any Monetary Benefit. If I talk to him what I will get If I do this what I will get How I should be benefited ‘Fayda hai tho baat varna Laat’

No Humanity : 

PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 17 No Humanity There is no Humanity among the people People live for Themselves. They don’t live for other. They don’t bother somebody live or die. Rich becoming more rich and poor becoming more poor.


PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 18 MAJOR SINS 01. Associating any divine partners to God Almighty 02. Murder 03. Practicing magic 04. Not Praying 05. Not paying (obligatory charity) 08. Disrespect to parents 09. Abandoning relatives (give up) 10. Fornication and Adultery (of people not married to each other & have sexual intercourse) 11. Homosexuality (sodomy) 12. Interest, usury (Riba) 13. Wrongfully consuming the property of an orphan 15. Running away from the battlefield 16. A leader's deceiving his people and being unjust to them 17. Pride and arrogance 18. Bearing false witness 19. Drinking Khamr (wine)


PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 19 NO FEAR OF GOD when ever Cat Drinks the Milk She Closes her Eye thinking that nobody is seeing Her. It is the Mistake of her that by closing her eyes People do what ever They likes and forgets that somebody is writing your deeds, and you have to give the Answers for your deed People do the so many sins but Become Ignorant. And think that their living very happily.

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 20 20. Gambling 21. Slandering chaste women (scandal/ false and damaging utterance about a person. 22. Stealing from the spoils of war 23. Stealing 24. Highway Robbery 25. Taking false oath 26. Oppression govern or treat cruelly) 27. Illegal gain 28. Consuming wealth acquired unlawfully 29. Committing suicide 30. Frequent lying 31. Judging unjustly 32. Giving and Accepting bribes 33. Woman's imitating man and man's imitating woman (try to copy each other) 34. Being cuckold (husband of an adulteress 35. Marrying a divorced woman in order to make her lawful for the husband 36. Not protecting oneself from urine 37. Showing-off 38. Learning knowledge of the religion for the sake of this world and concealing that knowledge

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 21 39. Betrayal of trust (be disloyal or treacherous) 40. Recounting favors 42. Listening (to) people's private conversations 43. Carrying tales 44. Cursing 45. Breaking contracts 46. Believing in fortune-tellers and astrologers 47. A woman's bad conduct towards her husband 48. Making statues and pictures 49. Lamenting, wailing, tearing the clothing, and doing other things of this sort when an affliction befalls . Treating others unjustly 51. Overbearing conduct toward the wife, the servant, the weak, and animals 52. Offending one's neighbor 54. Offending people and having an arrogant attitude toward them 55. Trailing one's garment in pride 56. Men's wearing silk and gold 57. A slave's running away from his master 59. To knowingly ascribe one's paternity to a father other than one's own

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 22 60. Arguing and disputing violently 61. with holding excess water 62. Giving short weight or measure 63. Feeling secure from God Plan’s 65. Not praying in congregation but praying alone without an excuse 66. Usurping the rights of the heir through bequests 68. Deceiving and plotting evil

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 23 They build the house like a Spider in this world. ?? The most beautiful But Most Weakest House in the world.

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 25 May God Peaces be upon us May god almighty Forgives and give the wisdom and knowledge. May God almighty Show us the Right Path & give the strength to walk on it "SAB KA MALIK EK HAI" ?

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PROBLEM IOPS FOUNDATION 27 'Who You Are' Discover yourself @

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