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Dr Sundeep Kochar is the only world famous Indian astrologer who has read the horoscopes of serving ‘President of India’at ‘Rashtrapati Bhawan‘ & ‘Vice President of India’ in their official residences.


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Sundeep Kochar Celebrity Astrologer

About Dr.Kochar:

About Dr.Kochar Dr. Sundeep goes to the depths of his remarkable astrological skills to understand the individual, their guiding forces, their dreams and desires, their shortcomings and their potential. With this profound understanding of Astrology, Face Reading & Palmistry he is able to liberate the person through the freedom of understanding oneself better. His motivational and inspiring insights have changed the lives of thousands who are eternally grateful. Sundeep believes that whatever goes around comes around; Through your daily prayers, meditation, positive approach, & charity one can make all the difference to live a happier life. He believes that Life is a Journey & Astrology can Guide You to Reach Your Destination !

Astrology & Corona Virus!!:

World is definitely in a panic state... Astrology has the answer to the cause, effect & the time frame for this pandemic attack of Corona virus ... Destination of life is already destined and we face good or bad as per the placement of planets in the zodiac... indian astrology known as Jyotish has a holistic approach towards the effect on mankind.. Taking precautions and not creating panic can definitely help to face this grave situation... 2020 is a year of turbulence because of the afflictions of good planets... Weak or afflicted Jupiter is the cause and dominace of maleafic planets in the transit... Need is to strengthen the Jupiter Guru by enhancing spiritual energies by meditation and feelings of compassion... Nothing is permanent and things should change soon Astrology & Corona Virus!!


The nine gemstones from our nine ruling planets emit all sorts of benefits. Lagna, the power of the horoscope, prompts major life aspects such as the early years, physical body, happiness, health, and wellbeing. Based on your lagna and the prevailing dashas, the astrologer suggests the perfect gem for you . “Each gemstone radiates a certain kind of energy, and it helps channelize that energy into you. From the ancient study of astrology comes different enigmatic pathways to help you alter all the negative or malefic influences in your life. One of these pathways is the influence of Ratna (gemstones),” adds Dr Kochar.With each stone absorbing living energies of the cosmic bodies, they bring an assortment of healing, energy, and positivity. The navrattans (gemstones) make for an ideal charm for any individual aiming luck, good health, prosperity, and balance of energy in their lives.

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