Benefits of using ERP as Inventory Management Software


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Benefits of using ERP as Inventory Management Software If considering an inventory management system is giving you a hassle it is time to stop and consider an efficient method to fix your problem. Inventory Management cant be done without an operational well-designed and efficient system. Your profits can fall if you dont have your inventory under control. A simple Excel spread sheet may have been sufficient as Inventory Management Systems once you began your operations. But today the storage locations appear to get out of hand and when your inventory has multiplied. It is time to provide some thought to implementing inventory management applications to keep you secure. Using ERP software as your Inventory Management Program you can monitor your stock anytime optimize employee productivity reduce downtime and waste whilst maintaining safety. What is Inventory Management Inventory management is a necessary evil for any Company that manages inventory. Grocers distributors and wholesalers will need to take stock on a regular basis. Because your stock is listed in the Assets section of the profit and loss account inventory is an accounting requirement upfront. Inventory is described as a condition of your inventory. Thanks to Inventory Management System that is efficient it is easy to ascertain all Inventory levels and record them on your account document your resources but also measure breakages thefts or losses and record them as liabilities. The main reason for using Inventory Management Software is to lessen the probability of mistakes. The most frequent mistakes in stock management are: 1.Lack of accuracy or deficiency of counting goods received: this is the principal mistake in inventory management. Without an effective inventory management system acquiring a new arrangement can result in errors and omissions. Due to ERP Software for managing your inventory you can call the product received and assign it to the same product family by means of a barcode. 2. No connections between stocks in different industries if your business has multiple locations you cant afford to forget a connectivity solution to map your stock size. By standardizing and storing information in one area Inventory

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Management Software can help reduce misidentified or duplicate goods even in the event that youve got multiple stores or warehouses. 3. The challenge of excess inventory or inventory shortage: this is one of the issues of inventory management. If your warehouse is filled with goods the risk of breakage or loss is higher. This has a negative effect on your profitability and right on the liabilities of your balance sheet. As you run the chance of undermining their devotion and breaking up the relationship of trust with your customers it is not better to be out of stock. 4. An ineffective warehouse rotation system: Inventory Management implies warehouse rotation that is great. Your inventory management software should allow you to certainly and quickly observe the movement of your stock in your warehouses. Based on the inventory management system chosen for your enterprise you can determine whether your rotation process is successful in ensuring storage of your items. ERP applications should be used as an Inventory Management system to navigate your inventory. The implementation of ERP software has already produced concrete results. With a better knowledge of inventory you will see inventory costs customer support and employee productivity improves. Inventory management system reduces waste through warehouse rotation that is better. Advantages of using ERP as Inventory Management Software. Particularly the advantages of utilizing an Inventory Management program package all relate to the overall view you can have of your business. One by one these advantages make everyones job easier. They are a powerful management tool that you wont ever want to do without. First of all the information is stored with bar codes. When there is a new stock received your staff will analyze the items and the quantity will be added to the inventory management software. This reduces the risk of mistakes and increases the validity of this data. The Inventory Management System also facilitates the implementation of inventory rotation. The flow of orders goods and replenishment are tasks for your teams which can be automated.

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ERP software supports you by supplying you with up-to-date and dependable details in your inventory. Additionally ERP software enables you acquire financial reports to manage your cash flow and thus gain a better overview of your business. With the introduction of Inventory Management applications business leaders have already been relieved from continuous headaches. In case your mind begins to pound when it is time to consider your inventory contact our ERP and CRM solutions specialists. Our Staff can supply an efficient process of inventory management tailored to your company requirements.