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Strategies for Dynamics AX 2009 To Dynamics 365 Upgrade Execution When Upgrading from AX 2009 into Dynamic 365 there are many things to bear in mind while you implement the update. Here are Only a few of these: 1. Development Surroundings Maintain An AX 2009 development environment with production data available whilst going through the upgrade procedure. Testers and developers will frequently get into this machine to mention how functionality and the information gleaned in 2009. 2. Replacement processes Identify Replacement procedures for deprecated attributes used in 2009. If deprecated procedures are critical to your operations then make comfortable using the replacement procedures in Dynamic 365 before going live. You do not need to get caught in a difficult circumstance. 3. Adopting new options When Possible look at adopting new modules/ISVs/processes in Dynamic 365 in a phase following the upgrade. If you add new processes into the mixture whilst upgrading then you interject more change than is required at any time. If you run into a problem using the new modules then its difficult to know whether the issue is with the software or migrated data or if its due to a lack of understanding in the new process. 4. Migrating data There Isnt a data update route from 2009 to Dynamic 365 the data must be migrated. Microsoft supplies a tool/hotfix you install into your AX 2009 surroundings that extracts data to files. A different region of the tool is a setup form in which you tell AX in which in Lifecycle Services LCS to push those documents with your extracted information. Sort through what data you wish to migrate and then get the tool installed in your 2009 surroundings are acquainted with it. 5. Review customizations

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In Your own AX 2009 production environment navigate to Administration Reports System Element usage log and run the report. The report informs you When every ISV customized and custom form was last used. If you have Customizations not being used save some time and cash and dont recreate them in Dynamic 365.

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