What You Need to Know about Mosquitoes

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Learn how to get rid of mosquitoes and avoid mosquito bites during hot summer months.


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What You Need to Know about Mosquitoes : 

What You Need to Know about Mosquitoes Learn how to get rid of mosquitoes and avoid mosquito bites during hot summer months.

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Mosquitoes are tiny insects with wings and thin body parts that are known to feed off the blood of animals and humans. Typically, only female mosquitoes will pierce the surface of skin and feed off of the blood to survive. Mosquitoes usually come out in the evenings during hot summer months and tend to spread harmful diseases, such as viruses and parasites. They are prevalent in areas with condensation and near bodies of water such as lakes and puddles.

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It is important to be careful and use appropriate repellent to steer clear of a mosquito, especially in the summer. Usually mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing, sweat, skin temperature, and floral fragrances. Because mosquito bites can be itchy and turn into welts, it is important to apply treatment to bites as soon as possible.

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Methods to eliminate mosquitoes include placing screens outside windows and sealing cracks to prevent the chance of entry. Mosquito repellent can come as sprays or lotions, and as lanterns. Sprays and lotions are typically put on your body to eliminate the chance of being bitten outside. This is especially important when children are outside playing or at sporting events. Lanterns are also great options to deter mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent as a lantern is placed outside and illuminates a soft light that attracts mosquitoes and kills them before they have the opportunity to bite.

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Although some plants have a naturally repel mosquitoes, most plants such as fruit and vegetable plants do not. Because mosquitoes can feed off of plants, plant repellents can be useful in stopping mosquitoes from destroying gardens. However, plant repellents are usually toxic and made of harmful chemicals that may negatively affect the plant. A more natural approach is to invest in plants that either keep away mosquitoes or to make natural mosquito repellents with ingredients such as basil and juniper oil.

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If screens, sprays, lotions, patio lanterns, and plant repellents don’t prove to be effective in getting rid of mosquitoes, contact a professional exterminator to apply treatment to large areas outside.

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