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Activism Project Spring 2010 : 

By Ashley Sulzycki Activism Project Spring 2010

The whole project : 

The whole project This is What a Feminist Looks Like Video Brochures Table display

My Part : 

My Part Helped with set up Made, decorated, and brought 100 cupcakes Stayed for the first hour of Vulvapalooza

What I liked : 

What I liked Got to know a few girls Interaction Made me understand why feminism matters

What I didn’t like : 

What I didn’t like Hard to get together Didn’t know what to do Communication was difficult Seemed rushed

What worked : 

What worked Vulvapalooza came together nicely Everything got done Everyone took part Videos Brochures

What didn’t work : 

What didn’t work Not too many people came Not everyone did the same amount of work

What I would change : 

What I would change Smaller groups Required amount of work Set due dates Procrastination Do more

What I would keep the same : 

What I would keep the same Freedom to choose groups Freedom to pick part

Feminist Organizing : 

Feminist Organizing It was successful Everyone played to their strengths Everyone worked when they could The project was a success If more had shown up to Vulvapalooza Very impressive table

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