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SPIRITUALITY Spirituality is a refined or higher state of the mind. It is ability of human being to view themselves and their own actions. It is ability of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. We give here views of some personalities in spiritual field on the subject: *spirituality is about your mind. * Meditation is a mind without agitation.

Basic principles and values of spirituality:

Basic principles and values of spirituality Avoid selfishness, Prayer and meditation, Materialism and the spirituality go together, Knowledge, Self-restraint, Having faith, Spirituality is working for the welfare of everyone, Spirituality prepares for facing hardships, Spirituality is our birthright, make sure you seek it.

Humanism :

Humanism Humanism is a way of life which is a democratic. It is concerned with dignity of man, i.e. right of the individual in relation to right of others. Humanism is ethical. It seeks and uses science creatively and not destructively.

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Humanism stands for two basic values: first and foremost, love of fellow beings The consideration of moral and social problem in a scientific spirit. It is concerned with the preservation and furtherance of moral values in all relations and spheres of life. Humanism is not committed to any views about the existence or non – existence of god.

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Humanism regards the basis of morality to be a sense of values. Humanism seeks the development of individuals as persons. Humanism believes not only in the understanding spiritually.