New Paradigm for Self Development


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Presenting a new perspective on self development - "Less is More"


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New Paradigm for Personal Development:

New Paradigm for Personal Development Presented By: Sukrut Jobanputra

Personal Development (PD):

Personal Development (PD) Traditional Paradigm Attitude Skill Knowledge

Traditional Approaches:

Traditional Approaches Attitudinal Development Emotional Intelligence Silva Method Neuro Lingustic Programming Mind Maps Six Thinking Hats Mind Programming Positive Thinking Cognitive Intelligence

Focus of Traditional Approach:

Focus of Traditional Approach Human Brain

“Mantra: Personal Development Through MIND POWER”:

“Mantra: Personal Development Through MIND POWER ”

But !!:

But !! Mind is like a….

Monkeys Are…:

Monkeys Are… Hyperactive Unstable Imitate Naughty Lazy Jumpy !!! ….So is our Mind

PowerPoint Presentation:

Do we really want to empower such an animal ??

PowerPoint Presentation:

Human Mind Is Already Powerful It Doesn’t Need More Power Instead… the N eed I s To C ontrol T he M ind

PowerPoint Presentation:

New Paradigm>> “Tame the monkey – Control the Mind”

The New Paradigm >> LESS IS MORE:

The New Paradigm >> LESS IS MORE

New Paradigm : Novel Approach:

New Paradigm : Novel Approach Less is More Fewer Goals & Strong Priorities Energy Needs Direction Positive Pursuits & ‘ Satsang ’ Constricting Time Rituals & Repetition Handles for Control Guru & Breath Taming the Mind


Result Health: Lesser stress and worry Wealth: Prosperity & Relationships Spirit: Faith Inspired Action A positive life in ‘now’