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Introduction to Sadguru Youth Camp, organized by Sadguru World in association with Shri Sadguru Sevan Sangh Trust


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SADGURU YOUTH CAMP Organized By: Sadguru World Venue: Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust, Anandpur

Our Guiding Light…:

Our Guiding Light… …who showed us the path of Seva

Our Inspiration:

Our Inspiration Several organizations inspired by the teachings of our gurudeo Devotees across a wide range of locations, backgrounds and generations come together to offer selfless service

Few Trends:

Few Trends New generation of devotees and sevaks Institutional impediments and priorities leading to greater professionalism and formalization Changes in technology, requirements and approach in social work Younger generation is not aware, experienced or connected


Need Connect Learn Experience Be Inspired


Triggers Several individual attempts to C onnect and C oordinate for Seva Encouragement from senior gurubhais and gurubens Inspiring Projects – Anadpur Outreach Camp 2007, Bihar Relief Camp

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Sadguru World – Objectives:

Sadguru World – Objectives Connect, Learn & Serve Gurudev’s Teachings Devotees Organizations & Recipients To foster and connect the community of devotees Support organizations, projects and initiatives taken up by devotees of gurudev Promote the teachings of Gurudev Undertake ‘ Seva ’ activities as per the principles of our gurudev

Sadguru World - Activities:

Sadguru World - Activities www.sadguruworld.com – Repository of information of various seva activities, writings by devotees and collections of bhajans www.facebook.com/sadguruworld - Connecting gurubhais across locations on the internet Sadguru Youth Camp – To galvanize youth towards seva activites

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Ideas !!:

Ideas !! Learn about techniques and practices for improving our lives Understand and experience sadhna , satsang and seva Appreciate a gamut of challenges in rural and social development Interact with learned, privileged and experienced bhakts , sadhaks and seekers Enjoy with like minded individuals


Principles Sadhna – Personal Development, Growth Seva – Contribution, Experience Satsang – Guidance, Inspiration


Activites Sadhana – 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing Exercise, Meditation Seva – Eye Camps, Distribution Camps, Outreach Camps, Projects Satsang – Lectures, Videos, Interactions, Prayers

For More Information, Contact:

For More Information, Contact Parth Sejpal : E: [email protected] , M: 9820035696 Sukrut Jobanputra: E: [email protected] , M: 9958694141 Malvik Majihtia : E: [email protected] , M:9320027660

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Come let us Connect, Learn & Serve Welcome to Sadguru Youth Camp

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