How to Backup Your Twitter Account Completely With


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Twitter is a micro blogging platform and one of the biggest social media networks in this world...


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 After logging in to your account you have to first click on your profile picture on the top right corner of your screen which is followed by a blue button which says TWEET.  After clicking on the profile picture you will be given some options to click on.  In those options you have to click on the Settings tab.

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 Under the Content section there is a “Your Twitter archive” statement followed by a grayish button which says “Request your archive”.  Read Also : How to Auto Publish RSS Feed to Twitter

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 Now you just have to click on this button.  Read Also : How To Delete all Tweets at Once with Free Twitter Tools

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 After you click on that button Twitter will give you a message which will mean that once your archive is ready to be downloaded the link will be emailed to you from where you can download your Twitter archive.

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