Incorporate the Text Editing Features with Rich Text Editor


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Rich text editor an effective tool allows you to edit text and change the appearance of your content with multiple text formatting functions. More details please visit


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Incorporate the Text Editing Features with Rich Text Editor Presented by Sub Systems, Inc.


OVERVIEW The rich text editor gives you multiple text formatting functions that change the appearance of the published content. Rich-text editors also called online rich-text editors. These are web components that not only allow users to edit but also enter the text within a web browser. An online rich-text editor is an interface used for the purpose of editing the rich text within the web browsers. It represents the users with – “what you see is what you get” editing area, shortly called WYSIWYG. The purpose of this type of text editor is to reduce the effort for users who try to express their formatting directly as valid HTML .


How Do You Use Rich Text Editor ? It is an effective method of incorporating the text editing features into your application. Rich text editor enables you to enter “rich text content”, like : • Bold and Italic text • Underlined text • Different types of text colors and highlight colors • Different text sizes • Bulleted lists and numbered lists • Support for tables and images • Multiple fonts and point sizes • Embedded and linked pictures • Clipboard format support • Text and picture frames and more Here, in this presentation we have given you a quick introduction to using the rich text editor in Sub Systems.


Why Should You Use a Rich Text Editor ? When you edit a content using a rich text editor, the edited content will show on screen and at the same time, the rectified content will also show on the screen displayed as the finished product. It is applicable for text as well as images. The advantage of using this type of text editor is – users edit the content and their changes immediately reflect onscreen. It helps you to do certain tasks more quickly than by hand, for instance creating tables. It is easier for novice users to learn and use.


Who Wins the Toss Up ? The biggest plus for using a rich text editor is that you do not have to know the code, nope not a bit. Beginners absolutely love it. They love it because it does not take a long time to edit content. They also enjoy using it because they do not need to learn HTML before they start using. Professionals who use visual editors prefer to use drag and drop features. They like to place all components together, and then view, edit or tweak the code. This is the reason; they have found rich text editor is useful and fast for editing. Certainly, it won the toss up !


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