Job Opportunities for BA in Accounting and Finance Graduates

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By, Nikita Sharma Job Opportunities for BA in Accounting and Finance Graduates


An accounting and finance degree can open a lot of doors for your career. As finance is everywhere thus finance graduate jobs are readily available. Degree from a decent University and the will to work in the finance and accounting sector is all you need. If you have the will to work in the finance and accounting sector, you will find many options. Some graduates can get overwhelmed with all this information; therefore, we have created this short summary of careers in accounting and finance.


Accounting Careers And Accounting Jobs Money is an important factor, not matter where you work you will always pay attention to the salary. Jobs in accounting are well paid in the UK. We have put together a list of jobs you could apply for to kick start your career in accounting.


Job Salary Accountant GBP 26K Management Accountant GBP 29K Accounts Assistant GBP 21K Assistant Accountant GBP 23K


Finance Graduate Jobs Job Salary Financial Controller GBP 49K Finance Assistant GBP 24K Financial Analyst GBP 30K


Jobs In Finance And Accounting Can Be High Paying Too The jobs mentioned above are just the starting salaries and positions you can get as a recent graduate. Once you’re more experienced you can receive promotions and earn even £62k per annum. As with many other jobs, you will have to start your career in a lower position to gain experience and build a good profile for yourself in order to become successful.


Keep This In Mind As a recent graduate, you should mostly focus on finding a job which can provide you with experience. Once you gain experience, you will find yourself being promoted and hired by jobs with higher salaries. If you would like to join a Master programme in accounting and finance, or you need guidance on career opportunities in this field, please contact Study Bridge for expert help.


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