A Guide To Law In Business Careers In The UK

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Here’s a guide to Law in Business careers in the UK where you can find details of career opportunities in the London, UK. Read for more details.


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A Guide To Law In Business Careers In The UK:

A Guide To Law In Business Careers In The UK By, Nikita Sharma


An estimated 47% of Law Graduates in the UK go on to take a job. Moreover, if you’re wondering what the rest of them do, they are not jobless. Furthermore, around 30% go on to study further and 11% study and work. Adding on, there are a lot of people going after these jobs right? However, the most lucrative of all jobs for a Law Graduate is in business. Therefore, here’s a guide to Law in Business careers in the UK.


Law In Business Careers Firstly, don’t think that Law Graduate jobs are limited. One advantage of being a law graduate is that you can venture into the field you want to. Coming back to the point, Business law is not Corporate law. But, on an exciting note, Business law consists of Corporate law. Thus, you can venture out into the world of corporate law like a free bird. But, if you’re looking for alternatives, you can also make a career in Commercial Law, etc. The point being, Business Law is about big and small companies. So no matter where you go, you’ll have to face them. Hopefully, it’ll be fun for you.


Payscale Of Law Graduate Jobs (Business) Above all, Business Lawyers are well paid. Here’s a list of specializations and the average money you can make out of it. Skill Salary Contract Negotiation GBP 67,500 Corporate GBP 44,000 Mergers and Acquisitions GBP 67,500 Legal Compliance GBP 35,000


Furthermore, a Business Lawyer will make an estimated 20% more in London than the rest of the UK. In other words, London is the best bet for you to start a career in Business Law.


Experience Is The Key Firstly, don’t expect to get a salary of 70K in your first job. Secondly, you have to accept the fact that experience is the key in this field. Moreover, according to payscale.com a lawyer with less than 1 year of experience gets paid around GBP 30K on average, while a lawyer with 10+ years of experience gets a salary of GBP 75K on average. In short, you’ll have to put in the hard hours in order to get that handsome paycheck every month.


Competition Lastly, the Law in Business careers is decently competitive. Moreover, a college degree is certainly not all you need. For instance, a Level 5 DET holder in his/her prime will earn less than a 1st-year Business Lawyer. Furthermore, employers are looking for a lot more than a college degree in you. Career choices can be confusing, thus Studybridge helps you find the best career path and the best part is, you can get in touch with us anytime.


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