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Studying in the fast paced city of London has its own advantage in learning, growing and in future opportunities that lie in front of you with BA Marketing


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Why Should I Choose To Study BA Marketing?:

Why S hould I C hoose T o S tudy BA Marketing? By, Nikita Sharma


Studying in the fast paced city of London has its own advantages in learning, growing and in future opportunities that lie in front of you. London offers you the benefits of networking in a cosmopolitan city with some of the best Universities in the world to study.


Well studying BA in Marketing has some more to offer. As effective marketing communication is the need of every organization to keep their product or service on the market shelves and in the minds of their consumers. Organizations always need smart brains who understand consumer behavior. If you ever came across a marketing campaign which you though would have done better, then you are heading in the right direction.


Usually marketing degrees are of three to four years of duration, but some countries offer associate degree of two years which allows one to start working on its completion. While you have made up your mind to study in London and make a career in BA Marketing, you need to ensure you have a good written, verbal and presentation skills for overall marketing communication along with interpersonal, leadership and teamwork skills.


Why should I choose to study BA Marketing Find the complete details opportunities by studying BA Marketing in 2019 Brand/Product Manager Public Relations Representative Marketing Assistant Event/Meeting Planner Fundraiser Market Research Analyst Media Planner Sales Representative Admissions Representative Social Media Manager


Opportunities to make career with BA Marketing: 1. Brand/Product Manager Begins as an assistant, Brand Manager oversees the complete marketing and branding of a product or a service. 2. Public Relations Representative Help an organization understand its target market and the demographics to let them establish a better connect with the consumer.


3. Marketing Assistant Work closely with an established Marketing Expert and learn the basics of the trade. 4. Event/Meeting Planner Organize and host Promotional Events, Conferences, Expos, Trade fairs, Exhibitions, Concerts, Live Shows, etc., as an Event or Meeting planner.


5. Fundraiser Work for the development of a non-profit organization while marketing your brand to the public. 6. Market Research Analyst Strong quantitative, analytical and research skills are required for an individual to explore marketing research.


7. Media Planner Understand the viewing, reading, listening and browsing patterns of different consumers and you have the key to success in your pocket. 8. Sales Representative If you are good at understanding the problems faced by consumers and you can offer them a perfect solution in your product and service, you got it right.


9. Admissions Representative Market colleges and universities to the families of prospect students for the Admissions Department of an institute. 10. Social Media Manager Online marketing is a low cost medium and quiet effective in current times. If you understand what your prospect search for online and you can create relevant communication, you are a better fit for the job.


There are numerous opportunities with BA in Marketing and every day brings something new to the industry. Would you like to know more about studying in London with BA Marketing, you are welcome to write to us at [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you.


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