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Spotify is ensuring their speedy growth. Over the time they currently have more than 20 million paid subscriber. They are charging a minimal amount of monthly subscription fee to let users enjoy the modern day’s way of listening music. On the other hand, they have suppressed musicians to adopt modern day’s way of music promotion. “Spotify Promotion” is one of the most searched term in google now days. And this happened because of overcrowded competition on spotify music platform. Music artists are now quite bound to hire agency for spotify music promotion. But you should look out before hiring any agency for spotify promotion. You should investigate who offer marketing promotion in a safest way and abided by rules & regulation. Because you don’t want to upset spotify with marketing procedure. Music agency like offers the best and legit promotion to promote spotify music.If you are looking to buy spotify plays or streams or want to increase spotify monthly listeners could be your best bet. What to do beyond hiring music agency? • Update your spotify bio • Include keywords related to your genre niche on your bio/album/playlist • Share your music regularly to social media sites • Publish Music Press Release • Create fresh and new contents on regular basis Visit Us;


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The overcrowded situation on spotify platform is creating a hindering situation for new musicians to survive. As spotify grew to be the number one platform for new age music streaming site the grey room for fresh musician is squeezing rapidly. Being a new artist on spotify and seeking lots of traffic on your spotify music is quite tough and next to impossible. The main reason behind this equation is there’s nearly 10,000 to 20,000 songs are uploaded on spotify on daily basis. Listeners always listen to the big shot music artists like ed sheeran, Charlie Puth and so on. So even if your song is better than ed sheeran there is very little chance you will get 20% near streams as ed sheeran. Well, unless you hire spotify promotion agency to buy spotify plays or to buy spotify followers like Now think it like this, all the new musicians putting all of their effort and time to promote spotify fresh release that was launched a week back. And the process has swallowed him/her more than a month! All this time could have been put to compose a new song. Now if this goes on will we be ever able to get new Charlie Puth? Will there be new Ed Sheeran who will take the music industry by storm? Will the music industry survive without the new stream of artists such as ed sheeran? The majestic reply to this query is, Not at all!

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