What are the Common Engine Oil Leak Locations

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The engine oil leak is one of the most common problems which is detected in most of the cars in their lifetime. However, the detection of a leak in the engine oil leak is only visible when the car remains parked and is not possible when you are driving. Thus, it is very important to locate the site of the leak before taking remedial measures. Go through the slide to know about the common engine oil leak locations in your car.


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What are the Common Engine Oil Leak Locations:

What are the Common Engine Oil Leak Locations


An engine oil leak is an unwanted issue that is only visible when the car remains parked and cannot be detected while driving.


Before repairing any engine oil leak in your car, it is first required to locate the leaking point.


The best way to locate an engine oil leak is to start by cleaning the dirt or old oil on and around your engine.


Here is the list of the most common engine oil leak locations:


1-Rear Main Seal 2-Oil Pan Gasket 3-Valve Cover Gasket 4-Timing Cover Gasket

Rear main seal:

Rear main seal


The rear main seal is at the back of your engine and seals where the crankshaft exits the engine to attach to the flywheel.


This seal is notorious for leaking on vehicles that don’t get used often or don’t get regular oil changes.

Oil pan gasket:

Oil pan gasket


Another common engine oil leak location is your oil pan gasket, which can leak over time due to infrequent oil changes.


This gasket seal between your metal oil pan and the engine block which is the reason it contracts significantly with engine operation.

Valve cover gasket:

Valve cover gasket


The valve cover is very similar in construction to your oil pan as they are long and made of thin metal so they are subject to the same leaking problems.


In cars, the valve covers are easily accessible as they are right on top of your engine so replacing the gaskets is relatively easy.

Timing cover gasket:

Timing cover gasket


The timing cover is at the front of your engine if your engine has a timing chain and the cover shields the timing components like the chain and gears on the crankshaft and crankshaft.


The timing system is splash lubricated so leaks from the timing cover gasket are often slow leaks, but they can make a mess as they leak out around your engine drive belt and accessories.




As the engine oil leaks are mainly due to the seals that are made of rubber, it is advised to check them and replace when they become hard.


The best advice in regards to keeping the car in good running condition is to make sure the car is being serviced regularly and getting the required oil changes.


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