How is Rising Awareness About Health Driving Smartwatch Market?


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In 2017, the global smartwatch market generated a revenue of $10.2 billion, and is predicted to reach $43.8 billion, registering a CAGR of 22.7%, in the coming years. Smartwatches are based on various operating systems (OS) – iOS, Tizen, Android, Pebble OS, and Firefox OS.


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2 © PS Intelligence. All rights reserved Time has always fascinated humans with several instruments such as sundials and wall clocks being invented to measure it. Such devices were rather large and to give people more convenience a reduction in size was considered. In the 17th century wristwatches came along which made it easier for people to see the time from wherever they were. Come 21st century come smartwatches which extended the functionalities of a simple watch way beyond just telling time. Such watches tell people the number of calories burned and heart rate help make calls via the internet or even lock/unlock vehicles. The smartwatch market generated revenue of 10223.9 million in 2017 and it is forecast to grow to over 43000.0 million in 2023. There are three types of watches people can buy: standalone classic and extension. During 2013 –2017 extension smartwatches were the most popular as these can be used as an extension to smartphones. Additionally features such as alerts tracking and connectivity would make them popular among the populace during 2018 –2023 too. However the demand is predicted to increase the fastest for standalone variants as unlike their extension counterparts they do not need to be connected to a smartphone to offer their full range of functionalities. The demand for high-end products particularly those that have an operating system and media functions has been increasing. Further people are also increasingly going for smartwatches that are shockproof and waterproof. Another reason for the increasing sale of smartwatches is the surging awareness of people about fitness and health. Such devices measure several parameters related to health and fitness and transfer them to a mobile or tablet application for easy access and analysis. Download Brochure with Technical Innovation People in the age group of 15 –35 are the primary buyers of such watches as they are the most concerned about personal fitness and also engage in regular exercise. Such users look for exercise schedules workout guides and sleep tracking features in smartwatches.

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