Materials Used for Radiation Shielding

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Radiation is a major concern around the world, particularly when it comes to x-ray systems, nuclear power facilities or particle accelerator projects. One of the main objectives for all such industries is to ensure the safety of their employees and preventing radiation from damaging the surrounding environment. There are a number of materials that help protect against radiation exposure by acting as radiation shielding materials.


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Materials Used for Radiation Shielding

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Radiation is a major concern around the world particularly when it comes to x­ray systems nuclear power facilities or particle accelerator projects. One of the main objectives for all such industries is to ensure the safety of their employees and preventing radiation from damaging the surrounding environment. There are a number of materials that help protect against radiation exposure by acting as radiation shielding materials.

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Vibration Damping Ecomass high density engineered thermoplastics dampen vibration adding value your customers can feel.

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Radiation Shielding

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Ecomass Compounds offers a range of non­toxic high density materials that help manufacturers around the world overcome regulatory concerns and meet industry standards without having to drive up their costs.

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