Top Five Flower Bulbs For Graden

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Top Five Favorite Bulbs For Graden Top Five Favorite Bulbs For Graden

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● Bulbs are a great addition to any garden as they will provide color year after year. ● Bulbs can even provide additional flowers to be divided and planted in another part of the garden.

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Heres some favorite garden bulbs and their planting needs. 1. Crocus :- 1. Crocus :- Crocus bulbs are often the fist blooms we see in early spring or at the end of winter. ● Crocus bulbs should be planted in the fall. ●

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2. Iris :- 2. Iris :- The most frequently seen variety of irises are the bearded varieties. Irises should be planted in July or August in cold climates.

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3. Daffodil :- 3. Daffodil :- The daffodil may be the most easily recognizable of all bulb plants. Daffodil bulbs should be planted twice as deep as they are tall. They should be spaced between six and eight inches apart.

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4. Tulip :- 4. Tulip :- Tulips are a favorite flower around the world and one of the most easy to recognize. ● Tulips should be planted in fall and each bulb should be planted about 3 times deeper than the size of the bulb.

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5. Hyacinths :- 5. Hyacinths :- The Dutch hyacinth is one of the most instantly recognizable and most popular of all the varieties of bulb plants. Hyacinths grow best in full sunlight they benefit from regular watering especially during their blooming and growth periods.

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