Collaboration for Student Success: Education is a Team Sport

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Closing Keynote SREB 2012 Summer Conference


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Collaboration for Student Success: Education is a Team Sport :

Collaboration for Student Success: Education is a Team Sport Steve Barkley

Student Success:

Student Success

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4 Teacher Relationships Parallel Play Adversarial Relationships Congenial Relationships Collegial Relationships Roland S. Barth Relationships Within the Schoolhouse ASCD 2006

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Collective Capacity Fullan (2010 ) The power of collective capacity is that it enables ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things—for two reasons : knowledge about effective practice becomes more widely available and accessible on a daily basis working together generates commitment

Collective Capacity Fullan(2010):

Collective Capacity Fullan (2010 ) Moral purpose, when it stares you in the face through students and your peers working together to make lives and society better, is palpable, indeed virtually irresistible. 6

Collective Capacity Fullan (2010):

Collective Capacity Fullan ( 2010) The collective motivational well seems bottomless. The speed of effective change increases exponentially. Collective capacity, quite simply, gets more and deeper things done in shorter periods of time. 7

Wheatley Diagram:

Wheatley Diagram 8 Information Vision Relationships New CREATIVITY Experiments Wheatly, M.J. and M. Kellner-Rogers, A Simpler Way .

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School Change Source: Model developed by Stephen Barkley 9 Change in Leadership Behavior Change in PLC and Peer Coaching Change in Teaching Behavior Change in Student Behavior Student Achievement

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My Work My Time Design together Implement individually Shared responsibility for student achievement Helping each other Modify Individual Behavior, Consensus on implementation Individual Franchise Team Vulnerability Trust Vulnerability ACTION Trust

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High School

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Optimism : a bright and hopeful feeling about life in which one expects things to turn out all right - the belief that there is more good than evil in life.

McGinnis found that optimists:

McGinnis found that optimists 1. Are never surprised by trouble 2. Value partial solutions 3. Believe they have control over the future 4. Plan for regular renewal 5. Have heightened powers of admiration 6. Interrupt their negative trains of thought

McGinnis found that optimists:

McGinnis found that optimists 7. Are cheerful even when they can’t be happy 8. Have an almost unlimited capacity for stretching 9. Build plenty of love into their lives 10. Share good news 11. Use their imaginations to rehearse success 12. Accept what cannot be changed

Value Partial Solutions:

Value Partial Solutions P P P P P P

Approaching the Challenge:

Approaching the Challenge Victims Sustainers Dreamers Winners 17

Approaching the Challenge:

Approaching the Challenge 18 Victims Sustainers Dreamers Winners