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TEFL World Is teaching in abroad at an International School a better career opportunity Teaching is always seen as a humane pursuit. Many individuals are getting inclined toward this field. It not only provides income but also recognition of goodness. Today people are getting a stride further in establishing ‘teaching’ as the finest career option. They are seeking to drive overseas not only to create a stronger career experience but also producing chance to stay at his dream destinations. Teachers who are moving forward to the overseas generally exhibit two types of teaching options. The first one involves teaching at an international school while the other involves teaching at a private school generally the TEFL language schools. So if he properly asses both the options he may find the job at an international school to be a better option. But what are the qualities which cause him vote for such a decision What are the gains of international schools compare to the private one All these things can be summarize as follows. Teaching at private TEFL language schools doesn’t provide enough salary to carry out preserves and make a few unnecessary spending whereas the international schools provide a comparative salary with which one not only extends for savings but also using as per

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wish. Moreover as a TEFL teacher one has to sign a contract of either nine months or a calendar year in a private school thereby spending most of the time in there. But this isn’t the state for international schools and one can have the freedom to travel on breaks. In international schools teachers are assigned as full time but contracted to teach for a few hours of a day whereas TEFL school teachers are contracted for the whole day and with a maximum number of topics to be dealt with. Lastly where international schools promote professional improvement of the teachers the private ones doesn’t ever cares of such events. For More Information Visit Here:- http://www.teflworld.com/ Address:- Icon Group Thailand Co. Ltd. 64/3 Moo 1 Saothing Bang Pahan Ayutthaya Thailand 13220 Phone No:-089-761-9800

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