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Preschool & play school helps to learn social functions, togetherness, learning skills, activities, playing games together, singing, dancing with poems etc


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Welcome: Stepping Ahead Preschool Welcome Play, Learn & Grow together


We focused on the following areas of development: Physical Intellectual Language Creative Socio-Emotional Physical Development in Children


Curriculum is the set of experiences, activities and events, direct or indirect which occur in an environment specially planned to foster children’s learning and development. In simple terms, Curriculum is a plan for learning. Our curriculum is a comprehensive child – centric curriculum that comes with set objectives in all major areas of development. Curriculum- For Physical Development in Children

Slide4: Learning Modes- For Physical Development In Children We believe preschool education should give as much exposure as possible to the child in all areas of development. Appropriate stimulus is the key to early learning. Individual learning with materials Small group activities in art, language and gross motor skills Learning through a thematic approach Occasional support learning through role plays, presentations Reading Field trips Project based learning for older Children Cultural Celebrations

Slide5: Teachers Our staff is trained to ensure that the curriculum objectives for each child are met consistently without creating  any disturbance in the child’s work or thought process. We have an appropriate student teacher ratio to ensure that every child’s needs are met without making him excessively dependent on an adult for learning.

Slide6: Physical Development in Children early years happens at a phenomenal speed and is constantly varying. Hence, assessment in early years has to be a continuous process. Constant assessment keeps the teachers completely keyed in with the progress of the child which enables us to keep challenging the child. ASSESSMENT

Slide7: Child centric approach rather than teacher centric Strong Montessori based philosophy & method also incorporating best practices from other early childhood philosophies Goes way beyond song & dance routines, nursery rhymes and simple playing with toys Strong focus on a structured curriculum Comprehensive set of objectives for the overall development of the child. WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US?


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