The Real Value of Interpreting

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Presents an historical analysis of simultaneous interpreting comparing two main styles: conference and community interpreting.


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The Real Value of Interpreting:

The Real Value of Interpreting Communicating pluralingual relationships into the future . . . Pluralingual : social interaction involving two or more languages

Thinking in Timestreams:

Thinking in Timestreams American Deaf Culture (US) Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal European Parliament (EU) Sign Language Community Interpreting established 1964 (US) The “IBM Translation System” of Simultaneous Interpreting, 1945 Conference Interpreting [Spoken Language] ~ Research Period 2005-2009 The “Big Bang” Enlargement of the European Parliament Social Construction of ‘the interpreter’ as a Technology Neustadt & May 1986 Kline & Pinch 1987 Hughes 1987

2 Styles of Simultaneous Interpretation:

2 Styles of Simultaneous Interpretation COMMUNITY CONFERENCE UNDER= STANDING! IDENTITY! SPEED! INFORM-ATION! Shared Identifications Shared Identifications Mistakes, Misunderstandings Danger, Risk, Loss Interpreters Interpreters Interpretees Interpretees “Interpreting” “Oral Translating”

Learning from Failure:

Learning from Failure A Center that Shifts Breaks down during turntaking between sign and speech (inter-modal, across two mediums). Breaks down during voting (too fast) and relay interpreting (too slow). “The IBM System” Doesn’t break down in relay: interpreters are allowed to “hold time” & ensure understanding. Interpretation itself is considered “noise”– the social failure to adapt is not questioned Erasure OR preservation of difference depends on the rate of interpretation deemed socially acceptable.

Interpreting in the European Parliament:

Interpreting in the European Parliament “Normally people do not understand the difference between interpretation and translation. Translation remains there; interpretation is to allow people to communicate.”

Two Orientations to Time:

Two Orientations to Time CULTURE To interpret is to interact in the present Interpreting is the stuff of ritual Rituals are the substance of relationships Relationships sustain society CONTROL To translate is to fix a meaning for the future Translating is the exercise of power Power reduces relationships to one dimension Unilateral relations destabilize society

Three Values of Interpreting::

Three Values of Interpreting: Interpreting makes time visible Interpreting makes culture visible Interpreting makes power visible

Potentials of Interpreting::

Potentials of Interpreting: Interpreting helps us understand that all social interaction is meaningful Interpreting creates possibilities for s ocial change cultural equality n ew economies r educing violence h uman survival

2 Discourses of Simultaneous Interpretation:

2 Discourses of Simultaneous Interpretation COMMUNITY CONFERENCE UNDER= STANDING! IDENTITY! SPEED! INFORM-ATION! Shared Identifications Shared Identifications Interpreters Interpreters Interpretees Interpretees H omolingualism Pluralingualism “Interpreting” “Oral Translating”

Interpreting as Stewardship:

Interpreting as Stewardship Interpreters enable the co-presence of difference and connection: ‘‘mistakes’ & ‘misunderstandings’ are evidence of pluralingualism (i.e., of social reality) n ot ‘noise’ but the ‘engine’ i nterpretee’s utterances are the ‘fuel’ Interpreters cultivate meta-awareness = generally reliable but fallable “closure skills” require making assumptions i nsisting on speed inhibits innovation

Interpreters as Stewards:

Interpreters as Stewards Lee & Llewellyn-Jones 2009 Role Space is Dynamic Reasoned Situational Negotiable Requires “relational autonomy” ~ Witter- Merithew , Johnson & Nicodemus 2010 Participant/ Interpretee Participant/ Interpretee

Real Interpreting is a communication strategy for SOCIAL RESILIENCE:

Real Interpreting is a communication strategy for SOCIAL RESILIENCE d evelops capacities of listening r equires adaptation and flexibility a democratic activity e mboldens the local e xercises strategic foresight – Does humanity choose the homolingual illusion or the pluralingual possibility? Turner 2007

Holding Time:

Holding Time To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wildflower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in an hour. ~ William Blake Time Identity Culture Information Social Reality The Future & You, Now