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Part one of project :

Part one of project


BCS LLC Brown. Cardante. Smith


Members Alex Brown Stephanie Cardante Chelsea Smith

why we use digital technology:

why we use digital technology Makes it easy to communicate Theres no need to physically meet Makes it easy to share all sorts of information Easy access

Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Schedule Every Tuesday at 3 Created a Facebook group

Division of Labor for part one:

Division of Labor for part one Alex Create && update to blog Contribute to PowerPoint Part one of written submission Stephanie Update to blog Contribute && edit PowerPoint Upload YouTube video Part three of written submission Chelsea Update to blog Contribute to PowerPoint Part two of written submission

Division of labor for part 2 & part 3:

Division of labor for part 2 & part 3 There are 24 different items (will be furthered discussed) that need to be done: We will each do 8 different items

Our Client - Etsy:

Our Client - Etsy “Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.” “ mindfull , trasparent , humane business” “plan && build for the long term” “value craftsmanship” “believe fun should be part of everything” “keep it real, always”


Etsy E-Business Sector: Retail Customer Value Proposition: All handmade products, trust and honesty, unique products Claim to Fame: Resembles eBay, with unique handmade product offerings. Sellers.

Why Etsy? interests:

Why Etsy ? interests Everything is handmade Wide range of products Every age range Unique Long Lasting Good quality

Why did we choose etsy?:

Why did we choose etsy ? Not very common For some it might be you first time on Etsy There reliable Everything is online

The Challenge:

The Challenge They do business strictly online How do they do that? Not as well known as a company like eBay How do they make a profit? Can’t find many advertisements Will they ever advertise? What will they do next?

Website screenshot:

Website screenshot

Thank you:

Thank you

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