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The Nutcracker :

The Nutcracker Choreography: Stephen Mills Music: Pytor Ilyitch Tchaikovsky Stephanie Hampton Dance Appreciation

Thesis :

Thesis The Nutcracker is a classic that exists to remind society to not be afraid of having fantastic dreams and to be brave and meaningful in all that we do.

Supporting Statements :

Supporting Statements At the end of the ballet Clara is unsure as to whether her adventure was a dream or reality but she knows she had an incredible time, reminding the audience to never be afraid of their dreams. When Clara kills the Rat King she demonstrates the necessity of bravery and pure and meaningful intentions.

Visual Examples:

Visual Examples The music and lighting changed drastically throughout the production to reflect the mood of the scene. During fight scenes the lights would dim and the music would become dark. During the Snow Queen and King scenes however, the lights would brighten and the music would become much lighter.

Visual Examples Cont.:

Visual Examples Cont. The lighting that caused all shadows to be greatly magnified made the mice and Rat King seem larger than life and a true fear that took Clara a lot of bravery and courage to defeat.

Connection to Class:

Connection to Class Extravagant Costumes similar to historical everyday wear; Classical tutus Use of Pantomime common in ballets Ballroom elements


Evaluation Very different choreography than I have ever seen in the Nutcracker Strengths: Grace Skill and technique level Partner Chemistry Dislikes: Rats not portrayed as evil Second Act was not related to the plot

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