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Welcome to dynasty Business Apprenticeship Professional INSTITUTE:

Welcome to dynasty Business Apprenticeship Professional INSTITUTE Seek Ye First Generation Session 2 The Kingdom of God

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Objective: To equip the student with tools necessary to evangelize and disciple others to operate in and advance the Kingdom of God Duration: The session shall take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Navigation: Please review the navigation information on the next slide since it is extremely important to know how to move around the course. Again Welcome


There are three navigational features on each slide and they can be found by passing your arrow over the lower left segment of the slide. Forward arrow – Advances to the next slide Back Arrow – Goes back to the previous slide Pause - Allows you to either pause the slide or play it forward again Selection- Allows you to select which slide you want to go to Navigation


All source material for the course is taken from Bill Winston Ministries . Dynasty acknowledges their lawful ownership. Since we are a non-profit entity this material will be used like a textbook and it’s content will be taught by a certified BAPI instructor. None of the material will be resold for profit. SOURCE MATERIAL

Are you born again ?:

Are you born again ? When you were born again you were born like a baby into a new Kingdom with a brand new lifestyle. Most Christians are still babies. You operate in two separate Kingdoms or systems. John 3:1-3 Jesus told Nicodemus “You cannot See(understand, experience) the Kingdom of God until you are born again” We are Spiritually dead until we are born again John 10: 10 Jesus said “ I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

Teach Me :

5/17/2012 6 Teach Me Psalm 119:33-34 David’s prayer was for the Lord to teach him His Ways John 14:26 Says that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things And God has ordained that we teach this Because Hosea 4:6 says “ My people are destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge.

The Government of Jesus :

5/17/2012 7 The Government of Jesus Jesus came to set up a government not a religion Isaiah 9:6-7 The government was upon His shoulders. God is a jealous god of the world system receiving His glory. Thus Christianity is not a religion. It is the lifestyle of a kingdom and government of influence with a very specific purpose. “ ADVAVCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD”

Citizenship :

5/17/2012 8 Citizenship How do you become a citizen of the Kingdom ? Colo. 1:12-13 When you are born again you are “Translated” into the Kingdom. Methistemi – to remove from one location and place in another. Philip. 1:27 and 3:20 The word conversation ( Greek/ Politeuomai) means citizenship. We are official citizens of Heaven.

The Laws of the Kingdom :

5/17/2012 9 The Laws of the Kingdom We will learn to operate in the Laws of the Kingdom What is a law: A statement or element of governance that has a predictable outcome or consequence The Laws of God are Both: Natural: The known normal functioning of material things Supernatural: The faith normal functioning of material things God enforces His Laws just as man enforces his laws, God obeys His own laws

The Laws of the Kingdom :

5/17/2012 10 The Laws of the Kingdom The Church ( God’s People) have been put here to govern the world and God works through the believers. Read Example: Mat. 16:19 the law of binding and loosening Keys signify laws or authority . Nothing will be loosed in Heaven that was not loosed on earth and nothing will be bound in Heaven that was not bound on earth.

The Law of Sowing & Reaping :

5/17/2012 11 The Law of Sowing & Reaping The Financial governing law of the Kingdom of God is the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Gal 6:7-8 If you sow you WILL reap like kind 2Corth. 9:6-8 God loves and blesses a cheerful giver. This is the law in which supernatural provisions will take back the wealth of the sinners ( Prov. 13.22)

Miracles :

5/17/2012 12 Miracles Miracle : a supernatural law of the Kingdom that people have not yet renewed their minds to ( They are Prevalent in the Kingdom) Jesus came teaching the Kingdom of God and how these laws operate Water to Wine John 2: 1-10 The Fig tree Mark 11:23-24 The Great Commission Mark 16: 15-18

The Renewing of Your Mind :

5/17/2012 13 The Renewing of Your Mind To operate in the Kingdom Laws You must first: RENEW YOUR MIND Read Romans 12:2 Metamorphoo – Change in condition Through the study of the Word learn to do the things Christ did, the same way He did them and for the same motives .

Supernatural Provisions “Seek Ye First” :

5/17/2012 14 Supernatural Provisions “Seek Ye First” Supernatural Provisions: It’s not something you have to work for. It’s your inheritance Read Eph. 2:8-10 We are saved by grace to work in our purpose. Read 1 Peter 1:3-5 Your inheritance is reserved for your access today( end time church) through faith. Read Mat 6:24 Seek Ye First Principle ; Stop trusting in the old system Read 6:25-33 Start trusting the new system

CONGRATULATION !!! You have completed the course:

CONGRATULATION !!! You have completed the course Please proceed to the website . Click on “office/ Course completion form, and complete the form. You will need : User: Dynasty PW: success

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