How To Increase Your Website Traffic ?

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Here, you can get the importance of bringing more traffic towards your website and the top 19 proven ways to improve your website traffic.


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How To Increase Your Website Traffic WWW.SEOWARRIORS.INFO

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In this fast-moving internet world there are a lot of options tips and tricks out there to increase your website traffic. You may have tried out many ways to improve your website traffic yet still didn’t gain the expected result. Right.. No worry guys. Just chill out. In this article you can get proven ways to improve your website traffic. Let us get to it Before getting started to know about the strategical ways to improve your website traffic. Let us first know about the importance of bringing more traffic towards your website 2

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Simple truth is that the increasing number of traffic will offer more opportunity to convert website visitors into loyal customers. But It’s important to gain more quality traffic rather than bad traffic towards your website. Because the more quality website traffic will better your business to the next higher level. Bad traffic will put your business in the dust. By increasing quality website traffic you can 1 Generate more qualified leads. 2 Reach your brand value to the audience. 3 Build a better relationship with the audience. 3

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4 Sell your business product/services. 5 Expand your business. 6 Gain new customers and 7 Grow your business continually. Generating more traffic towards your website is not the only thing to better your business. Increase and maintain the conversion rate by driving the targeted audience towards your business website will help you to stand out in the competition line. 4

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How to Increase Your Website Traffic Guest Posting Guest blogging is one of the beneficial ways to bring new visitors to your website. You can attain this by inviting others to blog on your site or you can guest post your content on high domain authority websites. Both practices offer below benefits which are Reach a large audience Quality backlinks 5

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Improve your site authority Referral traffic Brand awareness Make use of the guest blogging effectively will reach your brand among the huge audience and gain trust. Without any thinking start to blog regarding your market/niche. Keep in mind that your blog content must be quality content. 6

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Enhance your old blog post It’s an easy job. More or less it takes a small amount of time to work on it. Your first step is to look up your blog section and pick the outdated blog. And then upgrade that blog with the new screenshots images and remove outdated content which increases your website traffic significantly. Make use of Podcast Nowadays more people are likely to listen to the podcast. Due to this the Podcast platform has become the most popular marketing channel to reach a huge audience base. 7

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The best-recommended option is to move your participation as a guest on other’s podcasts. Surely this works out well. As a benefit your website link will be shown in the note section which helps to increase search ranking. Share videos on LinkedIn For business LinkedIn is the best place to promote it across the globe and have a lot of opportunities to connect with business people. A recent survey report that LinkedIn shares significantly grow in the last year. How can turn up the audiences attention towards your profile 8

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Make an explainer video real-time video or other videos and shared that in your LinkedIn profile which probably increases shares views likes and comments and also drives the audiences to your website. Blogger outreach Now you have an amazing blog content in your niche. Next what It’s time to outreach the content. Search the influential blogger and immediately contact them with neat content to share your content. 100 sure your blog will get a better reach. 9

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SEO Undoubtedly SEO is one of the best methods to bring audiences who exactly needs your business product/services/solutions to your website organically. So Rank your primary business keyword at the 1 position on search engine result pages. Because people are likely to click the first 3 places on search result pages. SEO practices will take some time to attain a higher ranking. But the outcome stays for the long-term. You need to focus on both on-page and off-page optimization for better ranking. 10

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Paid ads Paid advertising is a great way to drive visitors to your website instantly who exactly searched your business product/services. There are a variety of paid advertising methods are available here which are Google search ads Display ads Retarget ads and social media paid ads. Each paid ad method workflow bidding strategies are different. With best practices paid advertisements will boost your website traffic without any fail. 11

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Quora participation Quora is the QA platform where more users are engaged here to get a solution suggestion to their query from other users. There is a two-way option which is you can ask a question or write an answer in your niche. If we utilize it effectively you can able to drive more users towards your website. Take into account Your answer must be useful to the users. Attract the audience with fresh unique content and images. Your main goal is to make the audience to take the desired action that brings them to your website and build an authority for your business brand. 12

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Google My Business listing Google My Business is one of the best free ways to get more traffic to your website. First optimize your My business listing with proper details and integrate a link to your website. When the audience made a search using “near me” keyword then Google displays your listing in the result if it matches the exact query. By creating Google My Listing you can get more benefits from it. It’s free of cost and easy to create. Increase your business visibility drives more traffic and positive reviews about your business product/services will improve your brand perception. 1 3

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Concentrate on Social mediums Social Media is the biggest free marketplace to promote business products/services. Not only businesses But It also becomes a part of our daily routine life. Top social mediums like Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Snapchat and LinkedIn are ruling the online world. Social mediums are more beneficial for businesses to reach their business products/services to the global audience. Continually engage on social mediums will drive more traffic to your website build brand identity and credibility for your business. 14

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Reduce Bounce rate Make sure that your website bounce rate is optimal. Because a very low bounce rate hurts your website performance and conversions. Below are the metrics of bounce rate which are 80+ is very bad 70 – 80 is poor 50 – 70 is average 30 – 50 is excellent 1 5

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If your website bounce rate will be a very bad or poor stage then your first step is to check the website loading speed. Yes. Website loading speed matters a lot. For instance your website loads for a minute then the users immediately bounce back to other websites. By optimizing your landing page you can reduce the bounce rate. Check out this step-by-step guide for landing page optimization.

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Final Note: I hope This article will help you in improving your website traffic. Getting more traffic is not enough to uplift your business. You need to focus on convert visitors into potential customers. Do you need any assistance to increase your website traffic and conversion rate Please let us know here. We’re here to serve you. Get a free business consultation..

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