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Search More Human:

Search More Human Stefan Weitz Director, Bing

Decision Engine?:

Decision Engine? Relevance Speed Index Quality Multimedia Reduce Anxiety Pre Process Web Information Ratings Sentiment extraction Wolfram Price predictors Categorized search Task Pages, Viz Search Search history Relevance parity/leadership Faster time to first pixel Next-gen previews: hover, answers, DeepLinks Seamless multimedia Core Search Intelligent Organization Decision Tools Sessions not Queries Reduce Overload LOGIC

Decision Engine Evolved:

Decision Engine Evolved Relevance Speed Index Quality Multimedia Reduce Anxiety Pre Process Web Information Sessions not Queries Reduce Overload LOGIC + 90% seek advice from family and friends before making a decision 80% of people delay making a purchase online before talking to someone 2.5x more often than local city guides, 4x more often than online sites/reviews, and 10x often more than social media check-in sites. EMOTION

The Case for Social:

The Case for Social Dawn of Civilization - 2003 5 Exabytes of data

Humanity is leaving its traces…:

Humanity is leaving its traces… 25 Billion Tweets sent on Twitter in 2010 35 hours of video uploaded every minute to Youtube 3,000 photos uploaded to Flickr e very hour 70BB posts/month Facebook!

…traces that mimic natural human behavior…:

…traces that mimic natural human behavior…

…and that capture physical happenings…:

…and that capture physical happenings…

…even places give us traces:

…even places give us traces ….Freeing wisdom

More than just traces, a collective…:

More than just traces, a collective…

But when we want to tap that info….:

But when we want to tap that info…. Go to a forum or special Q & A site to see the postings and ask? Maybe I’ll ask my friends about that store? It’s easier to ask on social networks, but they aren’t setup for research Why can’t I tap my friends’ thoughts AND a greater pool of people in case my friends don’t know? Can’t search make this easier?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Yes. But…

Humans rely on each other…:

Humans rely on each other… …a digital communal collective

Bing: More Human:

Trusted Friends The Human Signal Enabling Conversation Bing: More Human Key Benefit Bring their traces with you Better basic search from everyone to just you Find the “expert” Bing Release Focus Opinion Infusion Interest Infusion Shopping, Travel, People Finder Focus

Who Cares?:


There IS Global “Need to Know” :

There IS Global “Need to Know”

We make better decisions in grgrops:

We make better decisions in grgrops



Rising Above the Noise:

Rising Above the Noise Things you already do Quality Interesting & useful content Trust Trustworthy sites linking to your site; anchor text Popularity # of high quality links Timeliness Update your site, blogs New things to consider Make it easy to Like and Share content. Include links in Tweets and Updates Trust-worthy people sharing your links or tweets; avoiding spammy clumps # of people Retweeting or Liking what you said/shared in the last minute, hour, day, week Be prepared to turn on a dime, and for the flash mob Plus…

Behind the Scenes:

Behind the Scenes

Reputation: More Than Followers:

Reputation: More Than Followers

Social Spam?:

Social Spam?

Content and Links = Still Important :

Content and Links = Still Important * Source: Editorial judgments

Spotting spammy behavior:

Spotting spammy behavior Naturally connected community Spam marketing campaign Spammy communities are highly visible – don’t be part of one!

New Tools for Online Marketers:

New Tools for Online Marketers

Whither Social?:

Whither Social? Reducing risk Freeing knowledge into collective Augmenting human capacity

PowerPoint Presentation:

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