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If you desire to have a simple yet best logo for your brand then it's advisable to hire the best logo design services, providers. Big brands- Nike, Amazon, GAP have the most attractive, simple and easily comprehensible logos. It is straightforward to custom logo design,


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Points to keep in mind while custom logo design If you desire to have a simple yet best logo for your brand then its advisable to hire the best logo design services providers. Big brands- Nike Amazon GAP have the most attractive simple and easily comprehensible logos. It is straightforward to custom logo design it only requires a fresh mind and ample to time to play with the fonts and colors. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are a freelancer logo designer or belong to a company which is an expert in providing logo design services you should follow the below-mentioned points to avoid making mistakes while custom logo design:- 1. Mistake- Never use Vector Graphics:- We will agree that the marketing trend has changed from print media to the electronic mode and now it’s the social media which is used by all for any sort of marketing. Keep in mind that your company logo should be well fitted in the large screens to the smallest screens of mobile phones. Mostly the logo designer’s use bitmaps and raster graphics to make the logs and these logos become hazy while they are zoomed.

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2. Mistake- Extra designed Type Faces and Fonts:- Always focus on the fact that the font sizes and type used for logo designing should be simple so that your brand name can be read properly. Never use two types of fonts in one logo as this will only make it confusing and unprofessional. The spaces between the letters should be symmetrical to give it the best look. 3. Mistake- Imitate Renowned brands logos the company logo should be straightforward attractive and easily remembered. It is good to avoid using any kind of pictures and images in the logos as it will unnecessarily make the logo complex. But often the logo designers try to copy the logo of the well-known brands which have incorporated the images in their logos and they have gained popularity through these logos as well. Over time this trick is not successful so be attentive while using it. 4. Mistake- Ineffective usage of colors- dependency and coding if you decide to choose the single color for designing the logo then its better that you know what is the meaning of the color which you are using to design the logo. For ex- blue color is used for loyalty. Orange is mostly used by the juice companies which imply the freshness. Orange pink and green color combination is used by the children and female. But if you are using more than one color for your logo then you should focus on the looks and the contrast rather than the symbolization of each color. 5. Mistake- Incorporate Stock art:- Almost every logo designer implements the stock art in the logos which fades off the uniqueness ‘of the personality of the logo and company. Individuals who design their company’s logos by themselves use this stock art and unknowingly they get trapped in violation of the intellectual property laws their results in losing your company’s reputation forever.

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6. Mistake- Keep in mind Trends:- Never use the trends while designing the logos as it will never be a nice idea. Logos are designed to depict the vision mission and the message which you want to be delivered to your customers after viewing the logos. For example it is not a good idea to use vibrant colors or designs if they are in trend rather than design the logo which can be remembered by your customers and possess the brand identity. 7. Mistake- Extra Literal Logos:- Never implements literal logos in your custom logo design or logo designing. But if you want to add literal graphic designs then try to keep some portions of designing element in the logo which can illustrate the brand identity.